Approximately 20,000 people visit us at EV every day. Some are investors, manufacturers, engineers, parts suppliers, and power company executives. Others are prospective EV customers, auto dealers, teachers, authors, consultants, and political leaders. But they are all here for one reason: to pursue their interest in the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles.

If your organization's product or service is aligned with the global quest for eco-friendly transportation, you may want to consider joining our family of sponsors and advertisers.

Advertising Venues & Platforms

EV offers media placement in a number of different digital venues, including:

  • EV World.Com web site: The longest continuously running Internet web portal to the wide world of electric vehicle technologies from e-bikes to buses and beyond.
  • Insider Illustrated: Our full-color, highly illustrated digital magazine designed for tablet devices like the iPad. Available in PDF format on both an annual subscription and individual issue basis, each edition typically runs 18-21 pages.
  • EV World Weekly Briefing: Our free, weekly email newsletter with a current subscription base of more than 13000 subscribers.

Advertising, Marketing & Sales

For information and assistance with advertising and marketing on EV World please contact:

Sales and Marketing
(402) 339-9877 U.S. Central Time
(202) 280-0270 Mobile

Advertising Media Kit

To learn more about our advertising rates start by downloading our 2013 Media Kit. It will answer many of your initial questions about rates, ad sizes, demographic reach and more. Of course, also feel free to reach out to us by email or telephone.


EV World Media Kit