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Volt Safety Enhancements Explained
Official press conference featuring Mary Barra and Mark Reuss announcing structural enhancements to the Volt battery housing to eliminate risk of delayed battery fire. - 05-Jan-2012

Promising Progress in Detroit
Natural Resources Defense Council's Roland Hwang talks to EV World from the floor of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. - 10-Jan-2012

Matt Simmon's Wind Dreams
The wind offshore of Maine's rocky coastline could not only supplant the state's dependence on imported oil, but make it a major energy exporter. - 16-Jan-2012

The Hobson's Choice of Shale Gas
Kurt Cobb reveals the shortcomings of natural gas as a 'bridge fuel' to renewable energy. - 23-Jan-2012

A Battery and Pair of Wheels
Today, more than 150 million people ride electric two-wheelers on a daily basis and that number is expected to reach 130 million in annual sales by 2025 - 02-Feb-2012

China's Electric Vehicles and Its Dirty Coal
University of Tennessee assistant professor of environmental engineering Chris Cherry talks with EV World about controversial study of electric vehicles and their potential health impact in China. - 16-Feb-2012

Finding Profitable EV Niches
CLEVER Institute founder Victor Juarez speaks at 2012 EV Expo in Tampa, Florida on his experiences uncovering profitable electric vehicle niches. - 29-Feb-2012

How LAX's Short-lived Electric Shuttle Came About
EV World & Associates managing partner Sam Smith discusses in this short excerpt from his full presentation his role in helping set up the first all-electric airport passenger shuttle service at LAX in the the early 2000's. - 07-Mar-2012

EV Expo 2012: Global Review of LEV World
Light electric vehicle expert Ed Benjamin reviews the state of the industry globally in this excerpt from his talk at the 2012 EV Expo in Tampa, Florida. - 08-Mar-2012

Peak Oil Debate Climaxing
Kurt Cobb sees the spate of attacks on peak oil as a clear sign that the theory is gaining serious traction. - 12-Mar-2012

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