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One Kennedy's EV Legacy
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an active environmentalist, attorney, author and falconer. He's the son of the late Robert Kennedy. - 04-Jan-2003

The Future of the Hydrogen Economy - Part 2
Japanese proposal to create and store hydrogen offshore in seafloor tower. Process would have to include desalization, as well as electrolysis. Excess hydrogen would be stored in column and used to run fuel cells in base. - 05-Jan-2003

Detroit Debut: Model U Photos
Interior of Ford Model U concept vehicle designed for flexible use and includes a voice activated system. - 05-Jan-2003

Disappointed in LA
They might be 'Sleepless in Seattle,' but this reporter is disappointed in LA whose annual auto show boasted few environmentally-responsible vehicles, though he was taken with the new Saturn Sky concept two-seater. - 11-Jan-2003

The Future of the Hydrogen Economy - Part 3
The authors believe that small-scale, distributed hydrogen at the residential level like this concept home illustration makes the most economic sense in a 'Hydrogen Economy.' - 11-Jan-2003

ER2 Conquers Pikes Peak
Compact Power ER2 negotiates slippery hairpin curve on 12.5 mile race to top of Colorado's Pikes Peak. The car is powered by new lithium ion polymer batteries. - 11-Jan-2003

Skeptical Environmentalist Isn't
Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg caused waves by dismissing much of the accepted views of the environmental community including belief world fish stocks are declining due to over fishing by industrial trawlers. [Greenpeace photo]. - 11-Jan-2003

Ford's Model U For Change
Much of the interior of the Model U concept vehicle is covered in a recyclable orange polyester fabric using the 'cradle-to-cradle' materials design philosophy. - 18-Jan-2003

Hydrogen Car Fire Surprise
Which car would you rather be in? This gasoline fire, which had been burning for over two minutes, contrasts sharply with a hydrogen fuel fire in a similar vehicle. - 18-Jan-2003

Should China Motorize?
Traffic congestion on Beijing's Chang'an Boulevard during morning rush hour. 2002 marked the first year more than 1 million cars were sold in China. EVWorld photo. - 18-Jan-2003

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