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Car & Driver's Bedard Got It Wrong
Darell Dickey and his daughter with his Toyota RAV4EV, which is powered by a large solar electric array on the roof of his Davis, California home. The solar panels are barely noticeable from the street, but mean the Dickey's produce almost zero pollution to run their home and their car. - 10-Jan-2004

Gollum's New 'Precious'
In the hit trilogy, 'Lord of the Rings', the deranged Hobbit Smeagol becomes obsessed with an evil magic ring that corrupts everyone who comes into contact with it. The image is available free on the official 'Lord of the Rings' web site. - 10-Jan-2004

Are Fuel Cells Really That Efficient?
Mercedes-Benz F-500 diesel/electric hybrid concept vehicle is the first mating of a V8 diesel engine to an electric-drive power train. The F-500 debuted at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, while a sister diesel/electric known as the Vision Grand Touring Sedans debuted this week at NAIAS 2004 in Detroit. - 10-Jan-2004

Eulogy for the EV1
Hundreds of pioneering EV1 electric cars crushed and stacked like corpses on GM's Arizona proving grounds outside Phoenix. The car once held the world land speed record for electric-powered cars at more than 184 mph. Only a handful now remain in operation. - 10-Jan-2004

Dawn of the Electric-Drive Era
Jim Press after his address at EVS 20. He called on the automotive industry to work together to bring new and needed electric-drive technology to a world running out of oil and breathing room. - 10-Jan-2004

Building a Safer Lithium-ion Battery - Part 2
Marc Kohler mans Valence Technologies booth at EVS 20, November 2003. On display are number of different lithium-ion batteries designed for EV applications. - 10-Jan-2004

Building a Safer Lithium-ion Battery - Part 3
- 10-Jan-2004

Domino's Effect
Oxygen CLR electric motor scooter equipped with special cargo box for delivering up to seven hot pizzas. Domino's has placed an initial order for 75 for its stores in The Netherlands. - 10-Jan-2004

Peer Review or Censorship?
In the days and weeks after the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the EPA deliberately misled the people of New York by telling them that air quality was within safe limits when the Agency knew that it wasn't. - 16-Jan-2004

Doing the '04 L.A. Auto Show
Commuter Car's Tango battery electric car makes its debut at 2004 L.A. Auto Show. The tandem, two-seater is designed to not only produce no tailpipe emissions, but to solve traffic congestion at the same time by letting two cars share one lane. Current limited production, custom price tag is $85,000. - 17-Jan-2004

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