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Safety Is DOT Job One
November 2, 2004 address to address by US Department of Transportation Deputy Administrator Samuel Bonasso at Fuel Cell Seminar, San Antonio, Texas in which he spells out the role of the DOT in helping insure the safe development and introduction of both hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the transport of hydrogen, itself. MP3 file is just over 17 minutes in length. - 07-Jan-2005

Politically-Incorrect Cotton
California advertising genius Stan Cotton has a bur under his saddle when comes to America's dangerous dependence on foreign oil imports and he's decided to do something about it by asking all patriotic citizens to spend $15 to buy as set of provocative stamps to help fund his campaign to promote greater awareness of home-grown alternatives to foreign oil. Half hour interview available in MP3 format. - 07-Jan-2005

Ford's PZEV Diesel Quest
The Mercury Meta One concept car unveiled at the 2005 North American International Auto Show is the first OEM-built vehicle to aim for PZEV certification, a daunting engineering exercise made possible by state-of-the-art after treatments, the latest in diesel engine technology mated to a hybrid-electric drive and specially formulated diesel fuel. EV World talks to Meta One program manager Dave Wagner, along with Dick Baker and Zafar Shaikh. - 15-Jan-2005

2005 L. A. Auto Show: Hybrids, Hydrogen & Horsepower
EVWorld.Com contributing editor Noel Adams makes his annual pilgrimage to the Mecca of auto-insanity where the bright light of cleaner mobility continues to twinkle amidst the glare of 500 horsepower monstrocities at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show. - 17-Jan-2005

Webb's Future World
This two-part, MP3 audio capture of a 2004 Lauralee.com radio broadcast features futurist and science writer Burt Webb talking about the challenges confronting a world that will run out of cheap oil sometime in the first half of this century and what our options are from hybrid cars to orbiting solar power platforms. Audio is somewhat degraded, but listenable. - 18-Jan-2005

Raboy's Rebellion
Ten-minute interview with Jason Mark of the human rights group, Global Exchange and Ford Ranger EV lessee and rancher David Raboy, conducted on January 19, 2005 during the Jump Start Ford sit-in organized to protest Ford Motor Company's efforts to recall and crush all of the remaining battery-powered pickups. - 19-Jan-2005

Secrets of the Sequel
Exclusive interview with the man behind GM's fuel cell skateboard design program, Chris Borroni-Bird, in which he talks about the progress made since the debut of the Autonomy concept car in 2002, including the significant technological improvements that will go into the successor to the Hy-Wire, the Sequel concept prototype. - 23-Jan-2005

Joining Forces Against the 'Perfect Storm'
30-minute MP3 audio recording of January 27, 2005 telephone press conference on 'Set America Free' initiative sponsored by the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS), Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), Center for Security Policy (CSP), Hudson Institute, National Defense Council Foundation (NDCF), and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). - 27-Jan-2005

Dual of the Hybrids
Interview with Peter Savagian, GM's engineering director for its hybrid-electric drive program, discussing the company's 'Dual Mode' hybrid transmission and the two concept vehicles in which it debuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. Includes 25 minute-long MP3 audio. - 30-Jan-2005

Clean Fuel Vehicles – Saving You Money in America
Former extreme skiing competitor-turned alternative fuel advocate shares his knowledge of seven, practical, affordable fuels Americans can use today... and save money. - 31-Jan-2005

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