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Tar Sands: Blunting Oil’s Peak
How much of a role can Canada's vast tracts of tar sand play in meeting America's future energy needs? - 03-Jan-2006

The Coming Energy Convergence
What do your car, your home and renewable energy have in common? A converging future, says NREL's Terry Penney. - 06-Jan-2006

Thinking Small: Memorialize Life At Ground Zero
Ground Zero's planners should see the need for a mixture of buildings of different heights, widths, and scale. - 10-Jan-2006

Climbing the Down Escalator
How much oil do the Saudi's really have? That and similar questions were posed to Tom Petrie and Chris Skrebowski during the ASPO USA conference in this 'Future In Motion' MP3 podcast. - 10-Jan-2006

Korean Company Gears Up City EV Production
Korean start-up CT&T plans to debut a city-class electric car within the next 12 months. - 11-Jan-2006

A Shade Greener
EV World's West Coast correspondent reports the 'green' cars and the gas-guzzlers at the 2006 LA Auto Show. - 12-Jan-2006

Depletion Has Changed The PR Script
Ronald Cooke exhorts politicians and the petroleum energy industry to recast their PR messages in the light of peak oil. - 16-Jan-2006

The Little Car That Stole Detroit's Heart
Guerilla marketing Feel Good Cars' ZENN neighborhood electric vehicle at the 2006 North American International Auto Show. - 17-Jan-2006

Car Trouble
Stuck in New York City traffic, Jay Walljasper muses about how other cities are devising better ways to get around - 19-Jan-2006

Peak Oil: No Laughing Matter
Despite his Monte Pythonish accent, Julian Darley is deadly serious about the implications of sustainable growth, climate change, and oil and gas depletion. - 19-Jan-2006

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