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Gentlemen, Start Your Plug-Ins
R. James Woolsey, the Co-chair of the Committee on the Present Danger and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency sees important future role for electric hybrids in this OpEd originally published in the Wall Street Journal. - 02-Jan-2007

Phoenix Motorcars: Going for the Gold
Are we about to experience a revolution in battery vehicle technology? Phoenix Motorcars' CEO Dan Elliott thinks so and believes his company has the car to prove it. - 05-Jan-2007

An Inconvenient Tax
Charles Komanoff thinks the most immediate way to encourage the Western world to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming is a carbon tax. - 05-Jan-2007

Chevy Shocker: Meet the Volt
First look at GM's newest electric concept car with electric plug-in, range-extended, flexible fuel capability. - 06-Jan-2007

Chevy Volt Video
GM-supplied video introducing the Chevy Volt electric car at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. - 08-Jan-2007

Hell, Highwater and Climate Change
19-minute MP3 Air America interview with Joe Romm on his new book on global warming, the politics and the solutions. - 09-Jan-2007

Grading Detriot
Chris Ellis, developer of the PowerBeam surge power unit, thinks both concepts could be improved upon by apply technology under development for Formula One racing. - 09-Jan-2007

Tomorrow's Mobility Challenges
EV World's editor discusses in this MP3 audio and Apple Notes presentation tomorrow's mobility challenges and it implications for America and the planet. - 10-Jan-2007

Reality Check
Sixteen years ago, GM rolled out the first modern electric car and set in motion a long, bumpy ride towards the Chevy Volt. - 11-Jan-2007

ACP's Magic eBox
AC Propulsion's President Tom Gage talks about his company's new Scion electric car conversion in this exclusive EV World video from the AltCar Expo. - 12-Jan-2007

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