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Are EVs the Ultimate Weapon Against Terrorism?
If more of us drove electric vehicles, we would be less dependent on oil and less impacted by the geopolitical and environmental problems that accompany it, writes Forbes Bagatelle-Black in part 5 of his EV Basics series. - 02-Jan-2008

The Future of Driving
Cleaner, greener, electric-drive cars won't solve the problem of traffic congestion. We need intelligent roads and smarter vehicles to do that, explains U.C. Berkeley Professor Pravin Varaiya. - 02-Jan-2008

Rebalancing Our Streets
Elizabeth Macdonald shows how cities from Amsterdam to Vancouver are leading the way in making their public streets more people-friendly and less auto-centric, enhancing the quality the overall quality of life. - 02-Jan-2008

Automotive X Prize X-plained
The X-Prize propelled SpaceShipOne to the edge of space. Now it wants to stimulate the development of a practical motor vehicle that consumes only a gallon of fuel every 100 miles, twice the fuel economy of the Prius. - 03-Jan-2008

Beyond Plan B: A New Hope
In this updated edition of the landmark Plan B, Lester Brown outlines a survival strategy for our early twenty-first-century civilization. - 07-Jan-2008

PHEVs and a Smarter Grid
Smart meters, advanced power generation and grid-connected electric-drive vehicles are part of Edison International's vision of our energy future in John Bryson's keynote address from EVS 23. - 08-Jan-2008

GM Charges Back
GM may have let Toyota assume the technological leadership in advanced, electric-drive vehicles, but it's roaring back with a vengeance as demonstrated in this speech at EVS 23 by Global Program Management Vice President, Jonathan Lauckner. - 10-Jan-2008

AFS Trinity Perfects Plug-in Hybrid Saturn Vue
They've been working quietly for months developing a drive system that offers real-world 40 miles plug-in hybrid range at highway speeds. Now they're ready to show the rest of the world their secret. - 13-Jan-2008

Rise of the Electric Hybrids
From the auto giants to aggressive entrepreneurial start-ups, car makers are rolling out electric (plug-in) hybrids in unprecedented numbers at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. - 15-Jan-2008

Highlander Hybrid: 0 for 2
Sorry Toyota, but after driving the 2008 Highlander Hybrid, EV World's West Coast correspondent finds the newly redesigned family SUV 'misses the point.' - 21-Jan-2008

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