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Toyota's Solar Car - How Practical?
A solar-powered car sounds like a great idea, until you look closer a the realities of the technology involved. - 02-Jan-2009

How Efficiency, Conservation Can Cut Energy Demand by 2020
Investing in improved mass transit and development of plug-in hybrids important steps in reducing oil consumption and carbon emissions. - 06-Jan-2009

BMW's Two-Mode X6 Hybrid
EV World video interview with BMW's Wieland Bruck on the new X6 Hybrid coupe slated to go on sale in 2009. - 06-Jan-2009

Electrifying Arrivals
EV World's Bill Moore was on hand in early December to record the frenzied arrival of Detroit's Big 3 CEOs on Capitol Hill in their company's electric cars. - 07-Jan-2009

Perspective: EV Industry Health Report
Long-time EV world engineer Gary Gloceri talks about Magna Electronics recent acquisition of BluWave Systems and the health of the electric vehicle industry. - 07-Jan-2009

Terra Preta, What?
An invention by ancient cultures in the Amazon basin could help solve the global warming, make possible petroleum-free agriculture and power the electric cars of the future. - 08-Jan-2009

NAIAS 2009 Preview
Bill Moore reports from Detroit on the eve of the 2009 North American International Auto Show what we're likely to see and hear at start of what could be a tumultuous year in the auto industry. - 10-Jan-2009

Like It or Not, Detroit Needs $3 Gasoline
Detroit desperately needs to start selling its new hybrids and there's a simple, tried and true way to help make that happen: $3 gasoline. - 14-Jan-2009

Converj: The 'Cadillac' of Electric Cars
Cadillac's new Converj concept car is powered by GM's Voltec Propulsion System, offering electric-first* driving range of up to 40 miles. Exclusive photos for Detroit Auto Show. - 15-Jan-2009

Restructuring General Motors
CFO Ray Young discusses the challenge of restructuring General Motors in this exclusive EV World video from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. - 16-Jan-2009

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