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Graphene: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Rudolf Kraft explains the importance of a material once thought of as lead, but has amazing properties that could revolutionize electric mobility. - 06-Jan-2011

Charge Your Electric Car Like Wikipedia?
EV World's European correspondent reports on Germany's Drehstromnetz collaborative system of charging stations. - 06-Jan-2011

NAIAS Video: Toyota Prius c Concept
Toyota introduced Prius C Concept car at 2011 North American International Auto Show. - 13-Jan-2011

NAIAS Video: Lexus CT 200h
Video clip of new Lexus CT 200h on turntable at 2011 Detroit auto show. - 13-Jan-2011

Venturi Automobiles Come to North America
Press conference at 2011 North American International Auto Show introducing launch of Venturi North America - 13-Jan-2011

To Tahoe and Back in My Chevy Volt
Calcar's founder Felix Kramer reports on drive to and from Lake Tahoe in his new Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid. - 14-Jan-2011

Nancy Gioia on Ford's EV Future
Exclusive interview with Ford's Director of Global Electrification on strategic plans for its electric vehicle initiatives. - 21-Jan-2011

Engineering Volvo's Crash Safe Electric Car
11-minute video interview with Jan Ivarsson about Volvo's engineering efforts to ensure the crash worthiness of their C30 Electric sedan. - 27-Jan-2011

Switching to the Volt
Noel Adams talks with LeaseTrader.com on the emerging trend of Prius owners looking to switch their leases to Chevrolet's Volt electric hybrid. - 30-Jan-2011

Batteries! Batteries! And More Batteries!
Contributing editor Sam Smith reports on two recent advanced battery conferences in California: 10X Advanced Battery R&D and AABC. - 04-Feb-2011

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