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The Horse Versus the Horseless Carriage in Central Park
It's expensive to own a work horse in New York City, but so are antique electric cars, provided you can even find one that is a suitable replacement, EV World's publisher discovers - 05-Jan-2014

Drivers and Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption - Part III
Conclusion of three-part series on the factors driving the growth of the electric vehicle industry by Sustainable Group president. - 07-Jan-2014

A 'Whale' of A Hybrid Airliner
Barcelona-based designer Oscar Vinals taps into his fertile imagination and a host of exotic materials and technologies to create the jumbo jet of the future. - 19-Jan-2014

Short, Sad Life of Renault's Fluence Z.E.
Despite Tesla's teasing flirtation with battery swapping, only one purpose built electric car offered the promise of erasing 'range anxiety' and now it's official dead... or is it? - 20-Jan-2014

Audi's Joule of a Fuel?
Joule Fuel's one-step biosynthetic fuel process can turn waste carbon dioxide into liquid motor fuels, but there are some important caveats. - 02-Feb-2014

The Story Behind the EP Tender
Video melds Zachary Shahan's trade show interview with EP Tender founder Jean-Baptiste Segard with the French startups video demonstrating the ease of hooking up and traveling with their electric car trail-able gasoline engine range extender attached to Renault ZOE. - 04-Feb-2014

Five Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Electric Car in Winter
Cold winter temperatures, snow and ice affect electric-drive cars; here's how you can reduce their range-robbing impact. - 06-Feb-2014

Resurrecting the American Electric Lawn Tractor
Two-part Skype interview with Viriditech president Brian Elyea on the US-Canadian startup's efforts to commercialize their electric lawn tractor. - 09-Feb-2014

Elon Musk Answers Tesla Owners' Questions in Oslo
Hour-and-a-half Q&A session between the head of Tesla Motors, his Chief Technology Officer, and hundreds of Tesla owners in Norway highlights the thinking behind the breakout electric car maker. - 11-Feb-2014

Tesla's Multi-Vehicle Charging Patent Dissected
It's true that Tesla's new patent allows more than one vehicle to recharge per charge station, but it also does it in a way that will change the public charging landscape. - 17-Feb-2014

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