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Final EV World Insider Illustrated for 2012 features our first drive of the Tesla Model S, Noel Adams' final installment of his annual report on the 2012 LA Auto Show, and one out-of-the-box design for an future solar-powered hybrid airliner. John Wayland pays tribute to the passing this month of Don 'Father Time' Crabtree. - 30-Dec-2012

Noel Adams take us along as he hectically scrambles from one carmaker press conference to the next at the 2012 LA Auto Show. At the other end of the spectrum, Gary Krysztopik explains how he's using state-of-art digital technology to build his own EV from scratch. These stories and more. - 18-Dec-2012

Inside this issue: Fiat 500e, the real 'Italian job' debuts at LA Auto Show. To reduce aviation's role in global warming, airline need to switch from kerosene to hydrogen. Vectrix is back and building electric scooters, expertise they will use to help Daimler produce its smart e-scooter. Readers favor electric cars that can help in power outages our poll shows, but industry isn't yet ready to respond. - 10-Dec-2012

This week we focus on New York's war on e-bikes, BMW's i3 Concept Coupe, a pair of electric car corridors, the planet's vanishing ice caps and strange carbon tax bedfollows, along with our weeky World of Electric Vehicles round-up, plus our first ePEDALER Progress Report. - 03-Dec-2012

Motor Trend breaks its own 64-year tradition and picks an all-electric car as its 'Car of the Year.' And this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Chrysler debuts its Fiat 500E and GM formally introduces its Spark EV, both electric cars that will see sales restricted to California. We excerpt a chapter from 'Clean Break' and review a BMW study on the future of Urban Mobility. - 25-Nov-2012

Against formidable odds, Barack Obama won re-election to a second four-year term as U.S. President, which could bode well for important policy initiatives to address global warming. Two hero's emerged in the aftermath of Sandy: bicycles and electric cars. Romet in Poland has developed a small electric city car priced less than $11,000. Conclusion of series on wind power by Lester Brown. - 11-Nov-2012

A number of important lessons are coming out in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but the biggest finally may be recognition of the fact that global warming and its resulting climate change are real and dangerous. Germany, for one, is doing something about it. Also part one of series by Lester R. Brown on the transition to clean energy, as well as a closer look at the Hanebrink Hustler X5 electric motorcycle. - 05-Nov-2012

FERC'S new Rule 1000 will change the shape of America's electric power grid and encourage the deployment of electric cars.. or will it? Not if proponents of natural gas are right, which they aren't. This week we also feature Ford's EV etiquette recommendations and ECOtality's surprising findings about Volt owner concerns. - 28-Oct-2012

A giant in our EV World passes. We continue our series on the benefits of shifting from cars to bicycles. William Tahil provides us with translation of interview with Vincent Bolloré. A123 Systems declares bankruptcy, while Honda crosses the one million hybrids build threshold. - 22-Oct-2012

This week we cover the gamut from bicycles to an all-electric airliner, as well as profiling Lotus' Evora 414E plug-in hybrid sports car. Robert McClough takes on the Congressional Budget Office's critique of electric cars with one of his own that comes to different conclusions. - 15-Oct-2012

Turns out, Americans are having second thoughts about global warming and, as a result, strongly favor policies that promote green technologies, like Tesla's planned network of Supercharger stations. Mercedes-Benz rolls out a bedazzling blue EVs, while the melting Arctic beckons oil and gas explorers, but at what cost, especially when LENR appears to be gaining acceptance at EPRI. - 07-Oct-2012

At what point do electric cars become competitive with ICE-age models? Actually, by at least one measure, we're there already, and we're not far from surpassing gasoline on all fronts. Also, 2015 could be year of the fuel cell car. Two teams complete around the world race and Toyota plays it cool when it comes to battery electric cars. - 30-Sep-2012

SPECIAL EDITION: This week, EV World takes you to INTERBIKE 2012, the premier cycling and fitness equipment trade show in North America as our next logical step in preparing to launch our ePEDALER retail spin-off. - 24-Sep-2012

This week we look at two MIT projects: a study supporting the implementation of a $20 a ton carbon tax to help dig America out of its deficit, and the Hiriko 'urban' CityCar. We also highlight Eva Hakansson and her home-built KillaJoule streamliner motorcycle and 11 hybrid cars that are cheaper to own than their non-hybrid counterparts. - 16-Sep-2012

India is promising to invest billions to encourage the switch to electric vehicles, but July's massive blackout throws this plan into question. Meanwhile in America, cars will be more efficient, but also cost more when 54.5 MPG becomes the rule in 2025. Honda and MUGEN team up on a racing CR-Z. - 09-Sep-2012

This week we travel from the lush green lawns at Pebble Beach to the steppes of Mongolia, stopping in Los Angeles to find out why it's so hard to be an EV owner if you live in a condo or apartment. Finally, we share the anxiety and joy of getting a new battery for our plug-in Prius. - 27-Aug-2012

Researchers at CMU continue to make the case for small battery hybrids and plug-ins as a smarter way to reduce pollution and oil dependence, and incentivizing large battery EVs is the wrong policy. The 10kWh batteries on Lighting Motorcycles are now solar-charged and winning races. These stories and lots of photos this week. - 19-Aug-2012

It's the size and mass of a small SUV on Earth, making it the largest electric vehicle yet to explore another world. It's Curiosity and our curiosity will allow it venture across the interior of Gale Crater, one of the deepest depressions on the Mars. BYD's batteries are cleared in deadly fire in China, Edison2 is working on its Next Generation VLC, Renault's Twizy is becoming a sales hit in Europe. - 12-Aug-2012

26-page, information-packed edition includes NREL's hydrogen fuel cell program report card, the entirely fossil fuel-free SeaOrbiter marine research vessel, BMW's all-electric C-evolution motor scooter debut in London, and an impressive first-hand report on driving the Mitsubishi 'i' electric car. - 05-Aug-2012

Hangzhou is a city of 7 million people. It has the world's largest bike-share program and is about to pioneer what may become the model for merging energy and transportation. Also, Solar Impulse returns to Switzerland and we look at two exciting e-bike designs, including the world's lightest electric mountain bike. These and more... - 29-Jul-2012

Are dreams of electric cars, sustainable energy and local food production just 'green illusions'? Ozzie Zehner thinks so, but is he right? Chip Yates has a close call in his quest to be the first to fly faster than 200 mph in an electric Long EZ. Don Bowen highlights how to improved the EV charging experience and we look micro-mobiilty through the eyes of Daisuke Iguchi. - 22-Jul-2012

While at Fisker's Anaheim, California headquarters recently, we got sit down with its founder, Henrik Fisker. Author Len Beck now owns a Nissan LEAF and shares what he likes and dislikes. Also Solar Impulse wings its way back to Switzerland on its first intercontinental flight; and the U.S. transportation act now allows funding for more public charging stations. - 15-Jul-2012

A BP-funded study out of the Harvard Kennedy School sees plenty of 'liquid' fuels ahead from conventional crude to tight shale oils, but is the age of oil far from over? EV World's publisher drives the Honda Fit EV down memory lane and into his distant past. Nano-technology may resurrect Thomas Edison's prized Nickel-Iron battery, the lithium-ion of the Gilded Age. - 08-Jul-2012

Tesla began deliveries of its stylish all-electric Model S to the great pleasure of the first ten customers, and likely the relief of Elon Musk, as well as pride of company employees, but now the real challenge begins: making them a sales success. Also in this issue are hybrid locomotives and a supply ship, as well as the Bolt electric concept motorcycle. - 01-Jul-2012

From the track at Le Mans to Rotterdam harbor to the capital of Sweden, this week's EV World is, quite literally, all over the map geographically and technologically from hybrid racers and tug boats to electric cars and airplanes. These stories and a lot more this week. Get your digital copy for just $1.39US. - 24-Jun-2012

The J-Class racing yachts are back and 'Rainbow', the newest, is equipped with a world-first hybrid-electric driver and power system. Providing transit services in rural communities is a challenge. The sixth generation Lexus ES redesign gets hybrid option and we consider future of methanol. - 17-Jun-2012

BYD has a problem: electric cars shouldn't burst into flame, but one of their e6 taxis did and it cost three lives. Fuel cells work even better if they are stationary, and government scientists are working to make them more affordable. Solar Impulse completes historic flight to Morocco, Quadrofoil emerges from Slovenia and Nissan will build the e-NV200 van in Spain. - 10-Jun-2012

SPECIAL SOLAR EDITION: This week we feature three solar-powered electric vehicles starting with the Power-of-One solar car and its creator Marcelo da Luz. The 94-tonne PlanetSolar completes an 18-month circumnavigation of the globe and Solar Impulse completes first leg of flight to Morocco. The Prius becomes world's third most popular car and SpaceX enjoys its first successful mission. - 03-Jun-2012

This week's edition features coal's continuing decline in US power generation, a look at Ford's C-Max Hybrid versus the Prius V, Brammo's new 100 mph Empulse; plus lead stories on mining the seafloor for precious metals, Porsche's new 918 Spyder Hybrid and how California plans to turn its economic lemons into lemonaide. - 27-May-2012

The USPO bans shipment of devices with lithium batteries overseas. Xavier Chevin is driving across Africa in an EV. Audi designs it own electric bicycle with a brain. Telsa starts Model S deliveries in June. Aptera's three-wheeler gets a second chance and a trio of Czech designers build a 'corker' of an EV. - 20-May-2012

Article-packed edition features record-setting motorcycles, top-finishing Le Mans-class hybrid racers, plug-in hybrid aircraft, a new source of frozen natural gas, a new international fast-charging standards agreement and much, much more. 20-page issue FREE with Premium subscription. $1.39 single issue. - 14-May-2012

By the end of this decade we can expect solar panels to drop to $1 a watt, which according to Mckinsey & Co, will have significant impact on the power sector in OECD countries. GM's new infograph shows the effects of the downsizing revolution in cars, while EV World's publisher investigates the future role of commercial aquaponics. - 06-May-2012

BYD adds 'robot' assistant and rolls out Denza electric car concept. Kelly Blue Books picks top 10 green cars, five of them with e-drives from full electric to micro-hybrid. Strangely, the TRIAC electric 3-wheel materializes in China and IBM's Battery 500 Project moves closer to commercial lithium-air battery. These and more this week. - 30-Apr-2012

Solar-powered airplanes, sexy French concepts, record electric car sales, plummeting battery prices, all these stories and more told in vivid full-color in this week's edition of EV World Insider Illustrated. - 23-Apr-2012

If you love international travel and technology, this special issue of EV World Insider Illustrated may just be your ticket to Europe's 'Future in Motion.' We're looking to organize tours of EV Hot Spots in Amsterdam, Paris and Monte Carlo. Also in this issue, BMW's i8 Spyder concept, GM's battery lab incident and why so many people don't buy hybrids the second time around. - 16-Apr-2012

Jam-packed, 24-page edition covers roll-out of Fisker's Atlantic prototype, the surging investments in renewable energy globally, Ford's amazing 71 mpg Fiesta ECOnetic, and Bruce Parmenter's trip to the newly opened Coda dealership. These and much more... - 09-Apr-2012

Another electric logistics vehicle manufacturer shuts its doors, at least for now. A home-built dragster conversions hits 155 mpg in the Texas Mile. The 'Prius Fallacy' proves itself to be a fallacy. Volkswagen moves of launch date of its E-Golf electric car to 2013. These features and many more this week. See the EV World you're missing. - 02-Apr-2012

GM replacing Volt cable. Presidents and Prime Ministers don't control gasoline or petrol prices. A great scooter sharing idea hits regulatory speed bump. Morgan Motor debuts its classic roadster PLUS E in England, while EV World finally gets to drive the Fisker Karma. These and much more... - 26-Mar-2012

Visitors to Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo used to ride a dirty, diesel-powered tram. It's now history, replaced by a clean, quiet electric model, developed in Mexico City. This week we profile Renault's ZOE electric car and look at the EV Everywhere Challenge. These stories and more... - 18-Mar-2012

Come along with us to the 2012 mining conference in Toronto. Dive below the waters of the eastern Mediterranean. Climb inside Audi's first generation electric car, the A3 e-tron, and find out how Steve Dallas' excellent electric car adventure is going. - 11-Mar-2012

GM suspends Volt production for five weeks, while the Prius C gets EPA rating of 53 mpg. Micro-hybrids could make cautious consumers comfortable with fuel saving technology without price premium. Creators of the Sparrow EV are working on a revival, while Envia claims it battery shatters both energy density and cost per kilowatt hour barriers. - 06-Mar-2012

The inaugural EV Expo is now in the history books. Here's a behind the scenes perspective on this first-of-its-kind event in Florida. Let your Tesla Roadster sit for months unplugged and you'll find it's become an expensive paper weight. EV activist Doug Korthof passes and Agenda 21 rises its conspiratorial head. - 27-Feb-2012

Tesla unveils their Model X crossover electric car that seats 7 and does 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Stanford University researches say they've found a way to charge electric cars inductively on the highway. BMW and Renault electric car drivers discover minor software glitches and Dr. Robert Bell pulls the covers off the nuclear power's biggest government subsidy. - 15-Feb-2012

Saudi Arabia's Oil Minister not only endorses energy efficiency and renewable energy, a complete reversal of his previous stance, but he calls global warming 'among humanity's most pressing concerns.' Also this week, profile of Mitsubishi 'i', CARB's ZEV loophole and the next generation of battery technology. - 06-Feb-2012

Jobs are a central issue in the U.S. Presidential election, and it turns out, according to the bipartisan Jobs Council, that electric cars have a role to play. We profile the BMW ActiveE electric successor to the Mini-E. Deloitte global survey finds Gen Y'ers have a preference for hybrids. Noel Adams looks at the economics of public charging. - 30-Jan-2012

Columbia University researchers delve into the National Household Travel Survey and reach some interesting conclusions about how American's use their cars. Via Motors isn't the only company offering plug-in hybrid pick-ups. We profile the Kia Ray EV and fantasize about Apple building an i-Scoot electric motor scooter. Lots of photos, as usual. - 23-Jan-2012

This week we feature an 8-page photo spread of the electric cars of the 2012 North American International Auto Show. Also inside is a review of Continental's ten megacity survey of attitudes towards electric vehicles. International e-bike expert Ed Benjamin sees the future of electric vehicles riding on two wheels. - 16-Jan-2012

Battery fires will be the least of our worries if we can't find a way through the coming shortage of Rare Earth Elements. And speaking of batteries, both Fisker and GM have come up with fixes. There's a Sasquatch-sized loophole in the new 54.5 mpg regulation that needs closing ASAP. Finally, we offer our own sneak peek at the concept EVs rolling out at 2012 Detroit auto show. - 09-Jan-2012

The new year brings more electric car options, but fewer tax breaks; see what's new for 2012. Electric car and charge station manufacturers are missing the opportunity to reach the wider market through effective utilization of social media - 03-Jan-2012