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ALPA Call for Ban on Lithium Batteries Underscores Need for Safer Chemistries
Three suspicious aircraft fires in the last two months prompts the Air Line Pilots Association to renew its call to ban the shipment of lithium batteries on commercial aircraft. - 28-Aug-2009

Vectrix Yet in Limbo
The electric motor scooter maker was supposed to declare bankruptcy earlier this month, but so far it hasn't. In fact its phones are working and its web sites are back on. Is there hope for Vectrix yet? And what can be learned from its mistakes? - 28-Aug-2009

Plug-In Hybrid Kits: A Hobby No More
Among the set of rules being proposed to California's Air Resources Board to regulate the manufacture and installation of plug-in hybrid conversion kits are some fairly tough warranty standards. - 31-Aug-2009

First Glimpse of Toyota Plug-in Prius Concept
Toyota appears ready to reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany the concept version of a plug-in hybrid based on the new 2010 Prius. - 01-Sep-2009

Inspector General Gives Postal Electric Vehicles Stamp of Approval
Converting Post Office delivery vans to electric is not only feasible, it makes great economic sense, concludes the Office of the Inspector General. Unfortunately, they can't afford it. - 01-Sep-2009

Lexus LF-Ch Would Offer EV-Only Driving Range
Premium compact concept hybrid to debut at 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. - 02-Sep-2009

Mercedes-Benz to Lease B-Class Fuel Cell Sedan
Daimler provides answers to questions regarding the deployment of its new fuel cell B-Class sedan starting in 2010. - 02-Sep-2009

Our Hybrid Road Trip Into the Past
We bought a restored 2009 Toyota Prius and set off on a journey into family history that includes Civil War veterans and a dot on the map called Wilderness. - 05-Sep-2009

Is Audi Launching an Electric Car or Torpedoing Them?
Audi is sending a confusing string of mixed signals that ultimately will be cleared up by whatever it is planning to reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week. - 06-Sep-2009

Bright Automotive's Stepping Stone to a Better IDEA
The first commercial vehicle builder in the world to implement Amory Lovins' Hypercar concept finds ways to keep moving forward without federal largess. - 07-Sep-2009