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Another Reason I Don't Have to Drive The Car
The growth of digital books and tablet readers could result in a knowledge culture that reads more and drives less. - 02-Jan-2011

NAIAS 2011: EVs Admired and Missed
It's really an impossible mission: cover all the electric-drive vehicles now rolling out at the Detroit Auto Show, but here's EV World's 24-hour whirlwind perspective. - 12-Jan-2011

The EVs of Omaha 2011
Omaha annual car carnival this year included the Chevy Volt and Mitsubishi i-MiEV, as well as a surprise EV. - 21-Jan-2011

Building Crash Safe Electric Cars
Besides proving their EVs are practical and durable, carmakers also have to make sure they are safe, especially in a crash where high voltage batteries are involved. - 25-Jan-2011

NEVs in Nebraska: Round 2
Nebraska is one of the few states in the U.S.A. that has yet to permit low-speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicles on its public streets. LB 289 may finally change that. - 15-Feb-2011

High-Speed Myopia
Is Florida Governor Scott really concerned about the economic health of his state when he turns down funds for high-speed rail or just placating the Koch brothers and their minions? - 16-Feb-2011

Iran's Miraculous Electric-Hydro Car
If we are to believe Iranian media, their scientists and engineers have caught up with, and maybe even passed, their Western world counterparts. - 23-Feb-2011

Funny, 100 Miles Is Now Good Enough
Back in 1998, car makers complained consumers wouldn't want an electric car with 100 miles range. Now they seem to be singing a different tune. - 01-Mar-2011

A Silver Lining to Mideast Unrest
With its vast oil and gas resources and under-utilized, but highly-educated youth, the Arab world across North Africa to the Persian Gulf could become an economic powerhouse that could benefit everyone, but it won't be easy or certain. - 06-Mar-2011

The Little Yellow Electric Car That 'Doesn't Exist'
Toronto businessman Steve Dallas built his own electric car, designed from the ground up. Now he has a strategy to move it towards production, if Ontario lets him. - 10-Mar-2011