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Fisker's 48-Hour Fix
Here's the real story behind the recall of 297 Fisker Karma electric hybrid sport sedans over the holidays. - 04-Jan-2012

And the Alternative to the Electric Car Is?
If you follow the Gartner hype cycle, you'll recognize that all this recent media bashing of the electric car is to be expected. - 11-Jan-2012

i-Scoot: The Apple of His Eye
What would happen if Apple announced it was going into the electric scooter business, opening i-Scoot stores and really cool mobility machines? - 18-Jan-2012

How Far Is Enough?
Columbia University study looks at the real world of personal automobile use in America and finds expectations drastically exceed needs. - 02-Feb-2012

Chrysler Gets America Talking
Chrysler's 'It's Halftime in America' 2012 Super Bowl commercial has the nation talking in a way that might just help make a difference. - 06-Feb-2012

Are Electric Cars Really That Dirty?
EV World's publisher Bill Moore decided to talk with the lead author of the controversial study on electric cars and air pollution in China. Here's what he learned. - 16-Feb-2012

Fox Numbers Just Don't Add Up
Eric Bolling panned the Chevy Volt for getting only 25 miles of electric car range, but there's something screwy about his numbers that just don't add up. - 03-Mar-2012

Chevy Corvette: GM's Sixty Year-old 'Flop'?
When the Corvette launched in January 1953, only 300 were built. It would take seven years to reach the 10,000 mark. - 04-Mar-2012

Gasoline Prices: What's the Magic Number?
Gallup Organization's latest survey finds that American's will make major lifestyle changes when the price of gasoline climbs well above $5. But will we, really? - 11-Mar-2012

2022: When Electric Cars Achieve Parity
The Obama Administration's EV Everywhere Challenge aims to make electric car price and performance competitive by 2022. - 16-Mar-2012