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Technology Stocks Poised For Rebound
Ballard shares expected to rise on news of Nissan order. - 02-Jan-2001

UK Engineering Firm Developing Hybrid & Fuel Fell Test Technology
Richardo model simulates carbon monoxide poisoning of PEM fuel cell stacks. - 02-Jan-2001

Battery Technology and Production Process Seen as Significant Cost-Cutters for Electric Vehicles in 2001
Advanced batteries and lower production costs will provide the most important breakthroughs in the improvement, development and commercialization of electric and hybrid vehicles in 2001 - 02-Jan-2001

Air Quality and Petroleum Consumption Will Drive the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Market in 2001
Five trends seen driving development of fuel cell vehicles. - 02-Jan-2001

Transportation Gridlock and Energy Crisis Major Concerns for Bay Area
Booming Bay Area economy over last decade has resulted in major quality of life problems for San Francisco-area residents, poll shows. - 03-Jan-2001

Mechanical Technology Launches Micro Fuel Cell Initiative
MKTY hires Dr. Shimshon Gottesfeld as VP Research and Development of new micro fuel cell initiative. - 04-Jan-2001

Advanced Wireless Systems, Inc. Acquires Distribution Rights For Solectria Electric Vehicles
Firm acquires rights to market 4-door vehicle nationwide. - 04-Jan-2001

Evercel Announces Battery Order for Electric Scooters in Italy
Firm receives order for 600 (Scooter Equivalent Battery Sets) of Evercel's 1.5 kWh M40-48 premium nickel-zinc batteries to be delivered to Oxygen during the first quarter of 2001. The batteries will be installed in Oxygen's Lepton-E electric scoo - 04-Jan-2001

California Likely To Change ZEV Quota
ZEV quota likely to be scaled back to just 2% of vehicles sold in California staring in 2003. - 04-Jan-2001

Electric Fuel Announces Follow-On FTA Electric Bus Contract
Federal Transit Administration has approved and agreed to fund 50% of the costs (up to a total program cost of $2.72 million) connected with Phase II of Electric Fuel's Zinc-Air Electric Transit Bus Program. - 04-Jan-2001