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White House Energy Plan Far From Implementation
White House has implemented only 20 of measures recommended in Cheney energy plan. - 02-Jan-2002

Energy Visions To Report Lower Revenues
US revenue 38% below prior year with net loss of $0.23 per share. - 02-Jan-2002

SUV Backlash Could Revive Small Cars
U of Michigan study sees automakers becoming more adept at using the Internet to respond to demand for environmentally friendly "build-to-order" vehicles, which are expected to increase to about half of all sales by 2009. - 02-Jan-2002

Urban Air Pollution Linked to Birth Defects
Pregnant Los Angeles area women living in regions with higher levels of ozone and carbon monoxide pollution were as much as three times as likely to give birth to children who suffered from serious heart defects, shows the study, published in the January 1 edition of the "American Journal of Epidemiology." - 03-Jan-2002

New York To Buy Clean Fuel Buses
State to spend $4.2 million on 163 new clean fueled buses including 35 hybrid-electric and 128 natural gas buses. - 03-Jan-2002

BPA Wind Power Purchase "Important For America's Energy Security"
BPA wind power purchases endorsed by US Energy Secretary, Spencer Abraham. - 03-Jan-2002

Toshiba Sees Future In Micro Fuel Cells
Toshiba hopes to make a fuel-cell battery that turns methanol directly into electricity and that could be available to the public within two years. - 03-Jan-2002

TVA Finds Wind Power Popular with Consumers
Green Power subscribers pay an extra $4 for each block of 150 kilowatt-hours for power generated by TVA renewable energy projects. - 03-Jan-2002

Solid State Energy Alliance Formed
$500 million government and industry initiative to achieve mass production of low-cost ceramic fuel cells within ten years. - 03-Jan-2002

Xcel Energy Seeks To Upgrade Transmission Lines From Wind Areas
Upgraded lines also would serve a new biomass power plant being developed in Benson, Minnesota. - 03-Jan-2002