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Hybrid with the Right Mix
Before the decade is out 40 per cent of Honda's sales are likely to be of hybrids. - 01-Jan-2004

US DOE and Mahindras Partner on Hydrogen Three-wheeler
Goal to produce experimental hydrogen-fueled vehicle for densely populated cities. - 01-Jan-2004

Inventor Envisions Metal (Not Hydrogen) Fuel Cell Future
Metal fuel cell would harness the power of aluminum, magnesium, nickel and zinc. - 01-Jan-2004

Science That's Sizzling
Solving the hydrogen storage problem - 01-Jan-2004

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Makes Fuel Cell Power a Reality
Hydrogen-fueled A-Class Mercedes makes debut at LA Auto Show - 01-Jan-2004

It Was A 'Green' Christmas In More Ways Than One
Priuses, Michael Moore and Al Franken books popular Christmas gifts in Berkeley, California - 01-Jan-2004

Federal Energy Efficiency Program Trapped in Limbo
Program that funds energy efficiency improvements in federal buildings part of stalled Energy Bill - 02-Jan-2004

Students Compete in Georgia Electric Car Rally
Vehicles include full-sized conversions and student-built Electrathon-class cars - 02-Jan-2004

Marketplace Has a Way of Makinig 'Impossible' Possible
"Among the most expert subverters of technological progress are U.S. carmakers, which have thrown tantrums about virtually every safety or efficiency advance in transportation science." - 02-Jan-2004

Astris Energi Starts Pilot Production Fuel Cell Module
Akaline fuel cell seen as major technological breakthrough is use of inexpensive materials - 02-Jan-2004