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The Saudi Syndrome
Editorial urges Americans to think about what their gasoline dollars are fueling, besides their gas-guzzlers; a worldwide network of mosques, schools and Islamic centers that proselytize the belligerent and intolerant Wahhabi variant of Islam - 01-Jan-2005

D.C. Poised to Raise Taxes on SUVs and Lower Them on Hybrids
Bill awaiting approval of Mayor and Congress will raise excise taxes and registration fees on sport-utility vehicles weighing 5,000 pounds or more and lowers them on hybrid-electric vehicles. - 02-Jan-2005

BRT vs Regular Buses Critical to Minnesota Transportation Plan
Proposed Minneapolis Bus Rapid Transit system will use hybrid-electric buses as early as 2008 - 02-Jan-2005

Japanese Gov't Get's Serious About Global Warming
Ten urban districts will be designated ast models for introducing measures to reduce heat-island effect and arrest global warming. - 02-Jan-2005

Toyota President Pledges to Up Hybrid Production
Toyota will offer its Lexus luxury brand in Japan, release a compact car developed with PSA Peugeot Citroen in Europe, build the Prius hybrid car and Crown sedans in China. - 02-Jan-2005

Japanese Automakers Extend Lead in Hybrid Sales
200,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs could disappear by 2009 if Japan continues its stronghold on hybrid component manufacturing. - 02-Jan-2005

Automakers See Future Within the Hybrid
Rising fuel prices are driving major changes in auto industry from development of 'crossover utility vehicles' to mini-cars to hybrid-electric powertrain programs - 02-Jan-2005

Big Three See Market Share Erode
Companies being told they have to generate products people want and that includes gas-electric hybrids, car-based crossover vehicles with better fuel efficiency, compact cars and full-size pickups, among others. - 02-Jan-2005

Pair of Hybrids Among 'Cars We Can't Wait to Drive in 2005'
Boston Globe columnist Royal Ford gives his top picks for 2005 test drives, which include the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Honda Accod Hybrid, but oddly, not the Lexus RX400h - 02-Jan-2005

Jeep Hopes Diesel Liberty Wins Over Skeptical Buyers
While initial buyer interest is strong with 50,000 people indicated early inerest in the diesel-powered version, Chrysler has set very modest sales goals of just 5,000 vehicles in 2005 - 02-Jan-2005