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Hybrid Car Buyers Get Big Tax Break in 2006... If They Act Fast
A few months after a car maker has sold 60,000 hybrid vehicles, the tax credit begins phasing out. - 01-Jan-2006

Oil Market Analysts Issue Dire Warnings
Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez tells journalists the current model of oil consumption is 'suicidal'. - 01-Jan-2006

A Second Look At Honda's Hybrid Insight
Only 220 Honda Insights have been sold in the UK in part because 'a good diesel with six-speed gearbox is invariably a more sensible option'. - 01-Jan-2006

Why Buy A Hybrid?
Even for the apolitical motorist, the mostly overlapping categories of hybrid vehicles, high-mpg vehicles, and alternative-fuel vehicles are starting to make sense. - 01-Jan-2006

Biodiesel Truck Fleet Becomes 'Baker's Dozen'
Seattle's Essential Baking Company took another alternative to the streets, replacing its entire fleet with 13 biodiesel-powered delivery trucks - 01-Jan-2006

Energy and Environment Among Three Industries Picked to Grow Quickly
Investment in renewable energy, mostly in solar and wind power, has grown from almost nothing 10 years ago to nearly $20 billion in 2005. This is expected to increase steadily to about $100 billion a year by 2015. - 01-Jan-2006

Massachusetts Adopts Global Warming Standards for Cars and Light Trucks
The rules are modeled on first-in-the-nation standards adopted by California in 2004, and they will require approximately 22% reductions in global warming pollution from automobiles by 2012 and 30% reductions by 2016. - 01-Jan-2006

Thawing Permafrost Could Accelerate Global Warming, Calculations Finds
National Center for Atmospheric Research supercomputer calculation foresees thawing of as much as the top 11 feet of Arctic region permafrost, which is likely to release 'considerable' amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas 20-times more potent than carbon dioxide. - 01-Jan-2006

Beijing Lifts Ban on Electric Bicycles To Ease Traffic Congestion
Removal of the ban came as pressure mounts on city administrators to tackle horrible traffic congestion, air pollution and possible fuel supply, caused to a large extent by a rapidly growing number of cars on the road. PHOTO: First snow in Beijing Dec. 31, 2005, courtesy of China Daily. - 01-Jan-2006

Detroit's Road Ahead
Key to Detroit's future: Safer, snazzier, smarter, greener cars, including introduction of hybrid-electric version of popular Toyota Camry pictured below. - 01-Jan-2006