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Bolloré, Pininfarina to Develop Electric Car
Electric car will have four seats and will be equipped with a battery that will provide it with a range of 250 km in city driving. Pictured is earlier Pininfarina Nido concept car. - 02-Jan-2008

Slow Down, We Drive Too Fast... Gotta Make the OIL Last
Engineers say the most efficient speed for a motor is somewhere between 30 and 55 mph. Beyond 60 mph, the fuel economy begins dropping off substantially. - 01-Jan-2008

Vectrix Reveals Electric Superbike
The Vectrix SBK concept is driven by a 240V, 60kW permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that can do the quarter mile in 12 seconds - 01-Jan-2008

Going Electric A Challenge for Oregon Car Dealer
Three months in, EcoMotion is learning a lot about buyer preferences and quirks in federal regulations - 01-Jan-2008

A Hypercar That Pays for Itself
Researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute, who have developed a model of the Hypercar, said that the energy produced by it could actually be pumped back into the grid. - 01-Jan-2008

Continental AG To Commence Li-ion Pack Production In 2008
Company would not identify automaker who will be using the packs, but GM has contracted with it to produce prototype packs for the Volt. - 01-Jan-2008

Washington Weather: Hot Air and Hyprocrisy
In towering irony, we see the Bush White House telling states that they cannot implement their own policies. - 01-Jan-2008

Japan Continues Pursuit of Lighter, Greener Cars
The philosophy behind Toyota's 1/X carbon fiber concept car is bunsoo, or living within one's means. - 01-Jan-2008

Sixty Electric Car Chargers Installed In London
There are more than 900 owners of a G-Wiz electric car in London. - 01-Jan-2008

Is Tesla 'Vaporware'?
Wired's poll placed the Tesla Roadster right next to a perpetual motion machine. - 02-Jan-2008