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Cutting Your Company's Carbon Footprint One Employee at a Time
Hybrid car purchase incentives and tele-commuting policies aren't the only opportunities for HR to go green. - 01-Jan-2009

Why Is Ford Just Tinkering at the Margins?
Ford's new Fusion and Milan Hybrids are exciting improvements, but isn't it capable of so much more? - 01-Jan-2009

Is Hydrogen in India's Future?
The hydrogen station, being set up by the Indian Oil Corporation and the ministry of new and renewable energy, will initially dispense a 20:80 mix of hydrogen and compressed natural gas. - 01-Jan-2009

America Playing Catch Up in Battery Manufacturing
Nearly all of the advanced batteries used in cars and trucks are manufactured in Korea and Japan. - 01-Jan-2009

Cadillac Luxury SUV Now Available as Hybrid
EPA mileage for my 2WD test model is rated at 20 city and 21 highway. Without the 2-Mode Hybrid feature, the mileage rating would likely be 12/19. - 01-Jan-2009

A Micro-Hybrid Year for Autos in India
Micro-hybrid technology seen as becoming more prominent in India in coming year. - 01-Jan-2009

The Drawbacks of Lithium Batteries
America is working to move away from fossil fuels and toward plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. But, are we trading one limited natural resource for another? - 01-Jan-2009

Pininfarina Family Loses Control of Renown Design Firm
Italian banking syndicate forces family to sell controlling interest of firm that designed famous sports cars, as well as new B0 electric car. - 01-Jan-2009

Pininfarina to Focus on Electric Car Manufacturing
In 2010, Pininfarnia will commence production of the B0 electric car, jointly developed with Bollore, as part of financial rescue effort. - 01-Jan-2009

Toyota Said to be Developing Solar-Powered Electric Car
Nikkei reports Toyota hopes to develop a future model totally powered by solar cells on the vehicle. - 01-Jan-2009