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Tesla Sells $13.8M in ZEV Credits to Honda
Electric car maker has been selling environmental credits since 2008. - 16-Jan-2011

Toyota to Offer Two New Models of Prius
Models will be larger and smaller than current Prius, as well PHV version with 10-13 miles of electric range. - 16-Jan-2011

Toyota Offers Cautious Appraisal on Electric Car Outlook
Elon Musk gives Tesla Roadster to Akio Toyoda. - 16-Jan-2011

Tesla Motors Shares Get 'Capped'
Shares in electric carmaker take hit after Capstone Investments downgrades valuation to 'sell' on concerns over viability of Model S launch. - 13-Jan-2011

Electric Car Predictions for 2011
Among its EV industry predictions, Pike Research sees 'range anxiety' turn out to be more fiction than fact. - 07-Jan-2011

Hyundai's Third Gen FCEV Achieves Driving Range of IC Engine Car
The Tucson ix FCEV’s 650km range is a 76-percent improvement over the second-generation Tucson FCEV - 01-Jan-2011

Korean, Taiwan Groups to Collaborate on Lithium Storage Batteries
SK Energy chosen as a supplier of lithium-ion batteries for two hybrid electric vehicle projects - 01-Jan-2011

Toyota's Prius Is Still King of the Hybrids
Orange County Register's Matt Degen finally takes a spin in third general Prius. - 01-Jan-2011

Top Five Green Transportation Trends of 2010
Trends include roll-out of Volt and LEAF electric cars, as well as a growing list of 40 mpg non-hybrid automobiles. - 01-Jan-2011

Chevy Volt Beats Out Nissan LEAF in End-of-Year Sales
GM sold between 250 and 350 Volts in December, while Nissan sold 10 Leaf cars in the past two weeks. - 01-Jan-2011