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Cracking Makes More 'Cents' Than Fracking
Darwin Long looks at the economics of natural gas fracking compared to using solar energy to crack hydrogen from water. - 03-Jan-2012

Renault Samsung Plans All-Electric SM3 in Korea
All-electric SM3 will travel up to 160 kilometers on a 250 kg lithium-ion battery that can be replaced through a fully automated battery station in less than 90 seconds. - 03-Jan-2012

Fisker Announces Karma Recall Progress
Majority of customer and dealer-held Karmas have either had new battery installed or the faulty hose clamp repaired. - 03-Jan-2012

Tesla to Offer Final Edition Roadster
15 Final Edition models are all painted in Atomic Red paint with dark stripes and anthracite aluminum wheels. - 03-Jan-2012

An Aussie's Life with An Electric Car
Mark Irving shares his daily experiences driving a converted electric car. - 03-Jan-2012

Efforts to Improve Fuel Economy Meeting Misguided Opposition
Tom Elias sees opposition to the California Air Resources Board to clean up the emissions from motor vehicles as short-sighted. - 03-Jan-2012

Aluminum Could Be 'Golden' In Quest for 54.5 MPG
Efforts to more than double fuel economy by 2025 will add average of $2,000 to price of cars. - 03-Jan-2012

Consumer Reports Picks 2012 Camry Hybrid Top Family Sedan
Consumer testing group gives both 4-cylinder and hybrid versions its "recommended' rating. - 03-Jan-2012

New Austin E-Bike Store Believes Life is Better With a Little Assist
First 100 percent electric bicycle store opens quietly before Christmas. - 03-Jan-2012

NFPA Electric Vehicle Safety Standards Report Published
More than 140 fire and electric safety professionals gathered at the meeting to review and refine the current implementation plan for electric vehicles and identify and address any obstacles related to fire and electrical safety standards. - 03-Jan-2012