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Fisker Autmotive Launches Lawsuit Against Insurance Company
XL Insurance denies coverage on the loss of 338 Karmas flooded during Hurricane Sandy. - 05-Jan-2013

Nissan to Replace Degrading LEAF Batteries
Will also offer improved warranty on new 2013 model upon its U.S. release in the first quarter, as well as to 2011 and 2012 models. - 02-Jan-2013

BYD Partners with Bulgarian Firm on Electric Bus Project
Partnership with Bulmineral Ltd to manufacture pure electric buses in Breznik, Bulgaria will enable BYD to break into local markets in Bulgaria and expand to other countries in Europe. - 02-Jan-2013

2013 Ford Fusion Energi Earns 108 MPGe Rating
US EPA also certified Fusion Energi to deliver up to 92 MPGe highway and a combined 100 MPGe - 02-Jan-2013

Tango Electric Car Demonstrates Design Freedom
Nicholas Zart considers the advantages of Rick Woodbury's innovative Tango narrow-body electric car. - 02-Jan-2013

How Bicycling Is Transforming Cities, Businesses
Jay Walljasper finds that cities are discovering that providing good bicycling environment is attracting businesses and young professional to their downtowns. - 06-Jan-2013

Avoiding USA 'Fiscal Cliff' Benefits Electric Vehicles
Various tax credits, including those on electric motorcycles extended another year. - 06-Jan-2013

Korean Institute Develops Magnesium-Air Battery
A magnesium-air battery holds five times more energy than a lithium-ion battery of equal size, and has a shorter recharging time. - 06-Jan-2013

Urban Population Growth Now Exceeds Suburbia in USA
As of July 2011 the U.S. Census Bureau reported that suburban growth had slowed to less than that of urban areas and that the nation’s cities were growing faster than the country as a whole. - 06-Jan-2013

LAX Pulls the Plug On Free Electric Car Charging
Growth in the number of electric cars and desire for addition parking revenue prompts the changes. - 06-Jan-2013