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Denza Electric Car Revealed Sans Camouflage
New Denza electric car reflects strong Mercedes-Benz heritage. - 01-Jan-2014

Last Minute Bid Made for Fisker By China's Largest Car Parts Company
Wanxiang America Corp, which outbid Johnson Controls for bankrupt battery makers A123, is asking court to open Fisker sale to open auction. - 01-Jan-2014

How About Buying a Pre-Owned EV For 15% of Its Original Price Tag?
Kelley Blue Books estimates that a five year-old electric car may be valued at just one-sixth its original MSRP. - 01-Jan-2014

High Voltage Racing Coming to World Cities in 2014
City streets are the 'natural habitat' of electric cars, says Formula E Holdings CEO Alexandro Agag. 'That's where we need to show them off.' - 02-Jan-2014

Croatian Group Seeks Crowd Funding for Handicapped Electric Car
Electric car for the handicap would give wheelchair-bound greater personal mobility. - 02-Jan-2014

Electric Tricycle Concept Offers Cargo Carrying Capacity
Greek industrial designer Dimitris Niavis evolves original Kaylad tricycle into electric model. - 02-Jan-2014

California Starts Work on Electric Car-to-Grid Policies
The Vehicle-Grid Integration Roadmap seeks to assess ways to integrate electric cars into the power grid that will benefit consumers, including economic payback. - 02-Jan-2014

Electric Cars: Strange, Fun, Regrettably Still Flawed
If you've never driven an electric car, you can't adequately describe in words what the sensation is like. - 02-Jan-2014

Self-Driving Electric Cars: How They Will Change Car Ownership
A.K. Streeter foresees the advent of self-driving electric cars as transforming not only urban mobility but also car ownership for city dwellers. - 02-Jan-2014

Ford Gives C-Max Solar Roof, Solar Canopy Concept
A Fesnel Lens-based solar concentrator improves the efficiency of the 300 watts of PV installed on the roof of a Ford C-Max Energi electric hybrid. - 02-Jan-2014