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Trademark Application Renewal: Is A Chevy CrossVolt in the Works?
It's just paperwork, but is there more behind General Motor's decision to reapply for the CrossVolt trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office? - 01-Jan-2015

Tesla Roadster to Get 3.0 Upgrade of 400 Miles
The just-announced 3.0 upgrade will, under the right circumstances, give the Roadster a single-charge range up to 400 miles, enough drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles without stopping. - 01-Jan-2015

More Electric Cars Coming from Audi in Near Future
VW Group is planning to spend a record €24 Billion over next four years on its premium Audi line, including the introduction more electric hybrids and two new all-electric cars. - 02-Jan-2015

Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Makes Successful Test Flight in Britain
Jointly developed by the Cambridge University's engineering department and Boeing, the single-seat ultralight is the first to use a parallel hybrid propulsion system. - 02-Jan-2015

Startup Aether Energy Developing eScooter for Indian Market
Chennai, India-based startup Ather Energy asked electric scooter owners in India what pived them most about their machines. Their answers formed the basis for a new, more powerful and reliable escooter. - 02-Jan-2015

Iranians Unveil Electric Car Prototype in Tehran
Newly-revealed two-seat electric car strongly resembles Renault Twizy urban electric car, suggesting possible collaboration with French carmaker's Iranian division. - 02-Jan-2015

Can the Electric Kulan Create A Profitable Agro Niche?
EV World runs some of the numbers on the economics of operating the Kulan electric agro hauler just introduced in prototype form in Germany. - 03-Jan-2015

Gogoro: An Electric Scooter with a Plan
It's stylish, it's smart, and its dang quick, but there's more to Gogoro's new electric motorscooter than meets the eye. - 06-Jan-2015

Japan Prepares to Finally Join Electric Flight Ranks
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA is preparing to make the first manned test flights of an all-electric, battery-powered airplane starting in February. - 06-Jan-2015

Henes Broon F830: More Than Just a Toy?
Ostensibly, the Broon F-series electric car is a rich kids first 'supercar', but the underlying technology suggests there's more here than meets a youthful eye. - 07-Jan-2015