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Ehang Shows Human-Carrying Drone
It's only a concept at the moment, but this Chinese company is hoping to bring the real thing to market: an autonomous, passenger-carrying octacopter drone. - 08-Jan-2016

VW Seeks Atonement with e-Microbus
Volkswagen's reputation has been shattered by its years of lying about its dirty diesels. Now its seeking to atone by rolling out an all-electric update of its famed microbus. - 08-Jan-2016

Chevy Debuts Bolt at CES 2016
Production will begin at the end of this year on the 200-mile, under-$30K Chevrolet Bolt electric car. - 08-Jan-2016

Electric Cars Sales Booming In China
While much of the world's attention is focused on electric vehicle sales in the USA and Europe, China is quietly but quickly becoming a serious EV world with BYD leading the charge. - 12-Jan-2016

Audi Showcases Electric SUV
Audi brings its all-electric, all-wheel drive e-tron quattro SUV concept to Las Vegas for CES 2016. - 12-Jan-2016

Chrysler Shows First Plug-In Minivan
The electric hybrid (plug-in) version of the newly redesigned Pacifica minivan reportedly will have an EV-range of 50 km/31 miles. - 12-Jan-2016

Apple Registers .Car Domains
For months rumors have flown that Apple was developing its own electric car. Now it's registered Internet domains that seem to confirm those intentions. - 13-Jan-2016

Honda Plans More E-Drive Models
With US vehicle emission standards ratcheting up steadily with each passing year, Honda plans to bring more electric-drive models to its showrooms. - 13-Jan-2016

Nissan Plans EV Range-Extender
Unlike the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan's range-extender will have function similar to the generator on BMW's i3 REx model. - 13-Jan-2016

Mercedes Said Planning EVA Platform
According to CAR Magazine in the UK, Mercedes-Benz is developing a dedicated electric vehicle platform, the first to appear in 2018. - 13-Jan-2016