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The Car That Could Save GM
ABC Good Morning America segment on the Chevy Volt aired 9 August 2008. - 11-Aug-2008

Electric Attraction
Alexandra Paul finds riding in a Toyota RAV4EV more appealing than with 'Turbo Man.' - 11-Aug-2008

Ego Street 'Scoota' Review
Street tests of Ego Street Scoota by Claudine Beaumont and Harry Wallop. - 11-Aug-2008

Solar Taxi Visits New Zealand
Solar Taxi adventurer Louis Palmer during the New Zealand leg of his around the world trip on sunlight and electricity. - 11-Aug-2008

Popular Mechanics Test Drives Aptera Typ1
Aptera founder Steve Fambro gives preview of his cutting edge, three-wheeled electric car. Also see Aptera:Electric Ultra-Commuter. - 11-Aug-2008

Beyond Tomorrow on Air Cars
Segment features MDI air car in France and Angelo Dipietro's revolutionary wankle-style air motor in Australia. - 12-Aug-2008

Steve Titus' Crazy EV Dream
Short documentary on Montana resident Steve Titus and his ATV-based electric runabout. See also Mr. Titus' Solar Bug - 12-Aug-2008

Reborn Honda eRebel Motorcycle
Gomi Style YouTube video demonstrates how to do relatively simple conversion of Honda motorcycle to electric. - 12-Aug-2008

First Flight Boeing Fuel Cell Electric Aircraft
Video of February 2008 test flights in Spain of hydrogen fuel cell-powered light aircraft. - 12-Aug-2008

Go Green: Electric Boats
Todd Sims from E Power Marine demonstrate Lear 204 electric boat in Palm Beach, FL. - 12-Aug-2008

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