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Chevy Volt Battery Inauguration
January 7, 2010 inauguration of GM's new Brownsville, MI battery plant that will produce battery packs for the Chevy Volt. - 08-Jan-2010

Ralph Nader on GM Yesterday and Today
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader speaks impromptu at Washington,D.C. Auto Show in this brief Apple iPhon Qik clip. - 27-Jan-2010

Matt Rogers on Advanced Vehicle Stimulus
Matt Rogers speaks at the Business of Plugging In conference in October 2009 on where and how federal recovery stimulus funds are being spent. Part 1 of 3. - 27-Jan-2010

Stimulating the Transition to an EV World
U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu addresses the Washington automobile dealers association and discusses Department's grants and loans to create the foundation for an advanced automotive industry in the U.S. - 29-Jan-2010

The Electric Car Convergence
eTec CEO and President Don Karner offers EV World Contributing Correspondent Jim Frierson his perspective on the 'inevitability' of electric cars the day after his company is referenced by President Obama in the 2010 State of the Union in this 2-minute clip. - 29-Jan-2010

Coulomb's Strategic Partners
Coulomb Technologies VP for Strategic Accounts Mike DiNucci speaks with EV World Contributing Correspondent Jim Frierson at the close of the EDTA 2010 conference. More video clips from the conference and information about the electric car revolution is available on EVWorld.Com. - 29-Jan-2010

Smoothing The Customer Transition to Electric Cars
Duke Energy's Mike Rowand speaks with EV World Contributing Correspondent Jim Frierson during the 2010 EDTA conference in Washington, D.C. about the utility's plans to help its customers more easily adapt to the arrival of the electric car in its multi-state service area. - 30-Jan-2010

Ralph Nader: Lifetime Achievement Award
Famed consumer activist and one-time presidential hopeful comments on the automotive industry after receiving Automotive News' Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Washington Auto Show. - 05-Feb-2010

Rick Kasper on the State of the EV Industry
GEM Cars president Rick Kasper speaks with EV World Contributing Correspondent Jim Frierson on the state of the electric vehicle industry in 2010 at the EDTA conference in Washington, D.C. - 05-Feb-2010

Electric Vehicle Thought Leaders
Electric car advocates Felix Kramer, Chelsea Sexton and Mark Duval talk about the approaching reality of mass-produced plug-in vehicles. - 09-Feb-2010

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