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NAIAS Video: Toyota Prius c Concept
Toyota introduced Prius C Concept car at 2011 North American International Auto Show. This video shows the vehicle moving on a rotating table through approximately 180 degrees - 13-Jan-2011

NAIAS Video: Lexus CT 200h
Video clip of new Lexus CT 200h on turntable at 2011 Detroit auto show. - 13-Jan-2011

Venturi Automobiles Comes to North America
Press conference at 2011 North American International Auto Show introducing launch of Venturi North America and two newest electric cars: the updated Fetish and new Venturi America dune buggy concept vehicle. - 13-Jan-2011

Engineering Volvo's Crash-safe Electric Car
11-minute video interview with Jan Ivarsson about Volvo's engineering efforts to ensure the crash worthiness of their C30 Electric sedan. - 27-Jan-2011

How to Drive from Shanghai-to-Paris in an EV
Two part interview with Venturi Challenge II adventurer Xavier Chevrin about his unassisted drive from Shanghai, China to Paris, France in an electric version of the Citroen Berlingo. - 07-Feb-2011

The Low-down on Lithium
Daniela Desormeaux talks with EV World's Bill Moore via Skype video from Santiago, Chile about the future of the lithium industry. - 17-Feb-2011

American EV Policy Update
For more than two decades the EDTA and its predecessor, the EVAA, has championed the introduction of electric-drive vehicles. Now they're a reality, but the real work has only begun, as the organization president Brian Wynne explains in this 24-minute Skype video dialogue. - 14-Mar-2011

First Look at Tesla Model S Alpha
Katie Fehrenbacher interviews Tesla Model S program director Jerome Guillen about the company's initial 20 Alpha versions. - 21-Mar-2011

American Electric Vehicles Introduces E-Shuttle
Dan Rivers and Chris Groesbeck discuss the development of their new 'from-the-ground-up' all-electric 6 meter (22 feet) shuttle bus in this two-part Skype video. - 28-Mar-2011

EV World Test Drives Volvo's C30 Electric
EV World's Bill Moore gets behind the wheel of Volvo's newest all-electric car for a quick spin around the Indiana countryside with Volvo's Lennart Stegland. - 30-Mar-2011

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