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Finding Profitable EV Niches
CLEVER Institute founder Victor Juarez speaks at 2012 EV Expo in Tampa, Florida on his experiences uncovering profitable electric vehicle niches. - 29-Feb-2012

How LAX's Short-lived Electric Shuttle Came About
EV World & Associates managing partner Sam Smith discusses in this short excerpt from his full presentation his role in helping set up the first all-electric airport passenger shuttle service at LAX in the the early 2000's. \ - 07-Mar-2012

Ed Benjamin on E-Bike Industry in 2012
11-minute introductory excerpt from EV Forum presentation by e-bike expert Ed Benjamin at EV Expo 2012 in Tampa, Florida. - 08-Mar-2012

EV Conversions Wayne's Way
EV Blue owner Wayne Alexander shares insights into the business of electric car conversions, of which he is a recognized master. - 14-Mar-2012

Plug In Safety: J1772 Demystified
SAE J1772 expert David Kerzel explains why this electric car charging standard was created and how it works, insuring owner/operator safety when plugging in modern production electric cars like the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt. - 20-Mar-2012

Balqon's Niche
Balqon CEO Balwinder Samra explains how his company found and now fills the niche for powerful, short-range electric port tractors for moving shipping containers around dock areas. Part 1 and 2 of 4-part series. - 03-Apr-2012

Plugging In Florida
Part 1 of EV Expo 2012 presentation by Helda Rodriquez, the founder and president of NovaCharge on how her company has made Florida the second ranked state in terms of public electric car charging stations. - 10-Apr-2012

Survey of the 2012 Electric Car Market
EV World founder and publisher Bill Moore reviews the market in electric vehicles at the 2012 EV Expo in Tampa, Florida. - 18-Apr-2012

Volta Volare: Electric Hybrid with Wings
Volta Volare founder and CEO Paul Peterson discusses the development of his firm's extended range electric hybrid 4-place general aviation airplane in this four-part Skype video interview. - 07-May-2012

EVs and the Media: What You Need to Know
Journalist and author Jim Motavalli explains how entrepreneurs and EV advocates can use the media to get out their story in this 15-minute excerpt from his hour-long talk at the 2012 EV Expo in Tampa, Florida. - 08-May-2012

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