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Cambodia's First EV Concept
Angkor EV, first electric car concept developed in Cambodia. - 10-Jan-2013

PSA Peugeot Citroen's Gasoline Air Hybrid
PSA Peugeot Citroen is developing a hybrid system that uses compressed air, rather than chemical batteries to power vehicles, claiming the system improves fuel economy by up to 35 percent. - 25-Jan-2013

Peugeot Develops VeLV Electric City Car
Peugeot's VeLV electric city car concept seats three and has top speed of 110 km/h. It is intended for use mainly in urban areas. - 28-Jan-2013

BWM Electric Tire Burner
American Public Media's Alex Chadwick sees the culmination of a more than year-long process converting Mike Pethel's old BMW into an extremely quick electric car. - 01-Feb-2013

Edmunds EV Comparison Test
Edmunds tests nine currently available electric cars from the high-end Tesla Model S to the Mitsubishi i over a 105 mile urban course around Los Angeles. - 01-Feb-2013

Interview with Elon Musk on NY Times Controversy
Interview with Elon Musk about the veracity of John Broder's NY Times review of the Model S. - 15-Feb-2013

Faultless: CNN Drives Tesla Model S to Boston
CNN Reporter replicates controversial drive from Washington, DC to Boston, MA in one trip, stopping to charge twice at Supercharger stations in Delaware and Connecticut. - 19-Feb-2013

Interview with LIT Motors' Danny Kim
Creator of the C1 self-balancing electric cycle-car talks about the technology that powers it. - 21-Feb-2013

Toyota Planning Debut Urban EV in Geneva
Toyota will be debuting an urban concept electric car dubbed the i-Road at the 2013 Geneva auto show, but little is known beyond this teaser video, which suggests it is similar in approach to concepts shown by other Japanese and European car companies. - 28-Feb-2013

Test Ride in Prototype BMW i8 Electric Hybrid
AutoExpress rides along for test drive on BMW's i8 electric hybrid on frozen lake and winter road using both hybrid and EV-mode. - 01-Mar-2013

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