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Peugeot's Micro Urban Mobility Scooter Concept
Computer animation of Peugeot's electric Scooter ++ concept that incorporates concerns about safety, security, weather protection. - 14-Apr-2013

Mercedes SLS Electric: The Ultimate Electric Drive
Chris Harris shares a ride in the Mercedes SLS electric car in this 18:45 minute mini-documentary. - 17-Apr-2013

SolarWorld e-One Electric Flight
Extended test flight of PC Aero's all-electric, solar-powered sport plane. With 25kWh battery pack and 1.5kW solar wings, the single-seater has an estimated flight endurance of up to 8 hours. - 21-Apr-2013

Ford Fiesta Powered By Hub Motors
Ford Motor Company and Schaeffler in Germany collaborated on development of electric hub motors to power a Fiesta, as illustrated in this computer generated animation. - 28-Apr-2013

A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock
Bill Ford, Jr TEDtalk in March 2011 about the development of a smart transportation system and the end of gridlock - 03-May-2013

Terrafugia Envisions Flying Plug-In Hybrid
TF-X would have a 500 mile range and have the ability to fly itself; pricing anticipated to be less than the Transition model's $279,000. - 07-May-2013

Consumer Reports Gives Tesla Model S Highest Marks
Consumer Reports says the Tesla Model S isn't just the best electric car they've ever tested, it's the best car they've ever tested! - 09-May-2013

The Best Cars Use Electricity for Fuel
Electric car drivers share their impressions about owning and operating their electric-drive cars from Teslas to Volts. - 15-May-2013

Bike-to-Work Day May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 is Bike-to-Work Day in many America cities like Washington, D.C. where an estimated 10,000 people will ride their bicycles to work. - 17-May-2013

BMW 'Driving the Next Movement' Video Series
In the sixth of ten BMW videos, New Jersey restaurant owner Tom Moloughney shares his experiences of driving two different BMW electric cars and how their range impacted his family's utilization of their leased E-Mini and ActiveE over the last three years. - 19-May-2013

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