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DeutschePost DHL Deploys First of 79 Electric Delivery Vehicles
A fleet of 79 German-built electric delivery vehicles will be deployed this summer in Bonn as part of a pilot program that may eventually see the national postal and delivery carrier switch its entire fleet to all-electric. - 22-May-2013

Time to Move Beyond Coal
Sierra Club-sponsored video on the dangers of burning coal to generate electric power in America, from mercury poisoning to asthma in children. - 29-May-2013

Tesla Expands Supercharger Network Nationwide
Elon Musk announces nationwide expansion of Supercharger network of free electric car charging stations for Tesla vehicles. - 31-May-2013

The Cyclist of New York
NY Times' Bill Cunningham, who roams the streets of Gotham taking pictures of people with a fashion focus, turns his lens to the launch of the city's Citibike share. - 02-Jun-2013

Life with Electric Car Gets Easier in Southern California
KABC Channel 7 news reporter Dave Kunz finds new LEED-certified McDonalds now also offers DC Fast Charging. - 07-Jun-2013

MindDrive Electric Car Charges Up from KC-to-DC On Social Media
Kansas City area at-risk high school students find their lives transformed as they convert a Karmen Gia into an electric car and drive it to Washington, D.C. - 09-Jun-2013

Elektro E6 Electric Twin-Engine Aircraft
For the first time at the Paris Airshow PC-Aero and EADCO companies present an all-electric, 6-seat, twin engine aircraft concept called the “Elektro E6,” with the goal of flight certification by the next decade. - 18-Jun-2013

Tesla Battery Swap Demonstration
Tesla demonstrates battery exchange in two Model S sedans in the time it takes to fill the tank of one Audi gasoline car. - 21-Jun-2013

Electric Green Taxiing System Demonstrated at Paris Air Show
Demonstration of Honeywell and Safran-developed electric propulsion system for short and medium-haul commercial jetliners to save fuel while taxiing. - 23-Jun-2013

President Obama Announces Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan
President Barack Obama's full 58-minute address announcing executive actions to begin limiting greenhouse gas emissions and preparing the nation for its consequences. White House infograph on action plan. - 25-Jun-2013

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