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Larry Pizzi on E-Flow Electric Bicycle at CES 2014
Cult of the Mac attends CES 2014 in Las Vegas and interviews Currie Tech president Larry Pizzi about the e-flow electric-assist bike. - 09-Jan-2014

Assemble Your Own Electric Car in Under One Hour
Bloomberg video report on OSVehicle's Tabby DIY electric or hybrid car kit that will be priced, the company hopes, for under €6,000 or $8,200US. - 12-Jan-2014

Sorry, But Peak Oil Hasn't Gone Away
'Ring of Fire's' Mike Papantonio discusses the status of peak oil with Michael Klare, the author of the new book The Race for What’s Left. - 25-Jan-2014

The Guardian Test Drives Tesla Model S
What happens when UK's The Guardian's Martin Love gets to inspect Tesla's Model S electric luxury car? Watch the video and find out. - 29-Jan-2014

Hollywood Celebrities Take on Death Valley in Water-Producing Fuel Cell Car
Hollywood celebrities Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger conduct experiment to see if they can live off the water produced by a Mecedes-Benz F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell car while exploring California's Death Valley - 01-Feb-2014

Hero Introduces Diesel Hybrid Scooter
Hero introduces a diesel-hybrid scooter developed for rural communities in India, giving it the ability to carry extra loads and provide standby electric power and lights. - 08-Feb-2014

Tesla Coast-to-Coast Rally
Official Tesla Motors corporate video highlights Los Angeles-to-New York City rally by 15-person team along US Interstates equipped with Tesla Supercharger stations. Also see story of less publicized Texas-to-Panama journey by Randy Denmon and Dean Lewis. - 09-Feb-2014

Rinspeed Envisions Autonomous Tesla Model S
Swiss design firm Rinspeed has upgraded a Model S electric car with futuristic self-driving cockpit that allows passengers to relax while the car - courtesy of movie-making magic - stirs itself across romantic landscapes. This likely is beyond Elon Musk's vision of a Tesla autopilot system, but it shows the potential of what the future may hold for those who can afford it. - 19-Feb-2014

Consumer Reports Ten Top Picks for 2014
Among the ten top picks for 2014, the green car winner for the eleventh year in a row is the Toyota Prius, but the real surprise is the Tesla Model S as Best Overall. - 26-Feb-2014

Stop the Repeal of Georgia's EV Tax Credit
EV 'Ambassador' Jason Bass explains why a repeal of Georgia's $5,000 income tax credit on alternative fuel vehicles, electric cars in particular, is wrong-headed and short-sighted. - 02-Mar-2014

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