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Green Is the New Red, White and Blue

MP3 audio from NPR Fresh Air Interview with NY Times' columnist Thomas Friedman

By EV World

For foreign affairs columnist Tom Friedman the mess in Iraq is largely because of George Bush buying into the "Rumsfeld Doctrine", which is having just enough troops to lose as opposed to the Powell Doctrine of overwhelming force in order to win.

So begins the second half of a lively, plain-talking interview with Terry Gross, the long-time host of NPR’s morning program Fresh Air. The program aired March 30, 2006. The first half hour, which EV World did not record, dealt mainly with events in Iraq and globalization. The second half, which we did record and convert to MP3, continues the topic of Iraq, but then shifts to Friedman’s views of energy, Big Oil, Dick Cheney and his belief that "green" is the "new red, white and blue."

On the topic of the insurgency in Iraq, he label’s groups like Zarqawi as "Islamo-nihilists".

"Islamo-fascists is too good a term for them," Friedman said. "The objective of these groups is one very simple thing, America and its Iraqi allies must fail."

He added that he thought the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq was an "incredibly noble, quixotic experiment."

"There is no other way to describe it. And this is in no way to diminish the incredible sacrifice of all the young men and women in the U.S. military who have been over there to call it an experiment. But it was an experiment, it was a test… one that had enormous moral and strategic weight behind it."

He argued that all of the Arab countries are "civil wars waiting to happen" because most were the creation of imperial powers.

"These countries have been ruled either by colonial powers from the top down or by kings and dictators from the top down What we are doing is hosting the first ever horizontal dialog in history of the Arab Moslem world."

He warns that if this experiment fails, no one will be willing to try it for "as far as the eye and can see" resulting in the same "pathology" that led to the events of 9/11.

Some 13 minutes into this interview, Terry Gross asks Friedman about his view of Dick Cheney. Echoing his comments in a recent editorial, he criticized the vice president and the oil industry for its patronizing attitude towards proponents of renewable energy.

"You, Mister Cheney and all your pals are… the biggest wimps in America today, because what you don't understand that it is not your grandfather's energy crisis for four reasons," which he enumerates for Ms. Gross.

Use the MP3 players at the right to listen to the second half of the interview, or go to the NPR web site linked above to listen to the entire hour.

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