Joanne K. Rowling, Author of Harry Potter Series
Author and newly-made billionaire Joanne K. Rowling is now the richest woman in Britain, having surpassed on the strength of her imagination and creativity the hereditary wealth of Queen Elizabeth. Patricia Aburdene cites the former welfare mother from Edinburgh, Scotland and author of the blockbuster Harry Potter series as an example of the rise of conscious capitalism.

The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

Megatrends 2010 author Patricia Aburdenes appearance on C-Span Book TV.

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"I believe the 'Age of Information' is slowly drawing to a close," says Megatrends 2000 co-author Patricia Aburdene in her appearance on C-Span’s Book TV recently. "And in its place an extraordinary new period is going to begin," she continued.

"The soul of a technology driven economy is continuous innovation. Companies can’t sit back and wait for consumers like us to demand new and better and different products; they have to take the lead, they have to innovate and lead by initiating change."

"How do they achieve this challenging but lucrative task of continuous innovation? The short answer, the only answer is through the genius of human consciousness. There can be no invention today, in business without human consciousness. Now what on earth do I mean by that?" she asked.

To find out the answer -- and the role she sees for "green" technologies and hybrid cars -- you’ll want to listen to this 55 minute-long MP3 program, as well as the shorter Q&A session that followed. The speech is 14.4 MB, while the Q&A session is 5 MB. You can listen to both using the MP3 players incorporated into EV World, or by downloading the files to your computer hard drive for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

Patricia Aburdene wrote Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism as a follow on the original Megatrends book she wrote with John Naisbit back in 1982 when they predicted the rise of the information age years before the explosive growth of the Internet. Now she is catching hints of another subtle, but significant shift analogous to the information age, this one propelled by what she identifies as seven megatrends:

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  • The Dawn of Conscious Capitalism
  • Leading from the Middle
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  • The Values-Driven Consumer
  • The Wave of Conscious Solutions
  • The Socially Responsible Investment Boom

It is these mega trends that she discusses more greater detail in her C-Span appearance.

Reviewer D. Patrick Miller writes about the book, "If the author is overly optimistic, one hopes that she's not too far off the mark. In a time when natural disasters and accelerating environmental decline are colluding with exceptional political ineptitude to stress the great American experiment as never before, it might just be the approaching enlightenment of capitalism that illuminates a sane, sustainable path ahead for us all."

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Published: 28-Apr-2006


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