Aberdeen, Scotland's Union Street

World Energy Review: 04-August-2006

The world's energy news in review from Britain's offshore oil and gas industry

By EV World

EV World and the Oil Depletion Analysis Center (ODAC) are commencing an experiment in Internet podcasting. Douglas Low, the editor of ODAC’s daily oil depletion newsletter and EV World’s editor have agreed to get together by telephone from Britain’s oil and gas capital, Aberdeen, Scotland each Friday afternoon to discuss the week’s energy news and trends.

As you might expect, Mr. Low speaks with a Scottish accent that admittedly takes just a "wee bit" of getting used to, but if you listen carefully, you’ll discover a wealth of information in a delightfully-rich Robert Burns burr.

This week, we talk about the spike in oil prices to $77 dollars a barrel and what it will take to drive prices through the next ceiling of $80. We also discuss the decline of Mexico’s Cantarell oil field, the second largest in the world, and what that means to America. Russia’s oil fields and politics were again in the news and we end with the implications of "peak grain" for a world with just 70-days of surplus cereal grains on hand.

Let us know what you think of this experiment and be sure to subscribe to ODAC’s free daily news bulletin by sending email to: odac@btconnect.com.

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Published: 04-Aug-2006


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