Nissan Hypermini electric car
Nissan Hypermini is a two-seat electric runabout that gets an estimated 40 miles range at up to 60 mph. It is unknown how many of the lithium-ion battery powered cars are in operation in California.

Electric Car Fight Flares in Pasadena

Plug-in America co-founder Paul Scott finds himself in the middle of another electric car recall dispute

By Bill Moore

When Nissan ordered the Rose Parade city to hand over its eleven leased Hypermini electric cars last week, the network of activists that fought earlier skirmishes with the likes of Ford, Toyota and General Motors, swung into action.

One of those resistanistas is Paul Scott. He has fought this battle before when other carmakers sought to recall and crush their electric cars. So when he got a tip that Nissan was pressuring Pasadena to give up their EVs, Scott swung into action, offering during a city council meeting this past Monday to assist the community in their effort to keep the little two-seat electric runabouts running.

A Toyota RAV4 EV owner and head of a small movie digital effects house, Scott is featured in the Chris Paine documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car?.

In this exclusive interview recorded earlier today, he explains the situation in Pasadena and why his group, Plug-In America, has offered to help the city fight Nissan, as well as any other operators who wish to either re-lease or purchase outright their Hyperminis.

To listen to this interview, use either the Apple Quicktime or Windows Media players to the right or download the file to your computer hard drive for later playback on your favorite MP3 device. This interview will also be available on the Apple iTunes podcast service.

And then be sure to let Nissan know that you want them to let Pasadena and other lessees to keep their cars, instead of crushing them. Call them at (800) NISSAN1 OR (800-647-7261).

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Published: 09-Aug-2006


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