EcoV Electric Car
EcoV is a 25 mph-by-law, Low Speed Vehicle that is very road-worthy with automotive ride, comfort, and reliability available in three different models all with 1000 lb. payload capacities.

EcoVElectric Proves Electric Cars Not Dead

EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, LLC president discusses new EcoV low-speed electric car

By Richard W. Marks

In spite of the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" the electric car is alive and it lives in Detroit, Michigan. There is a new car company now forming that develops and markets an urban based electric low speed vehicle using an established world-class manufacturing partner in Detroit, MI. Yes, it is built in the USA and no it is not a _olf-cart!

As everyone is scrambling for alternatives to $3.00 per gallon gas, EcoVElectric is an alternative for city fleet managers and urban drivers. EcoV is a 25 mph by law, Low Speed Vehicle that is very road-worthy with automotive ride, comfort, and reliability available in three different models all with 1000 lb. payload capacities that offers a very safe driving experience on daily public roads, which none of our competition can claim. EcoV is street legal on public roads where speed limit is 35 mph or slower in 45 states.

For 50¢ of electricity from a standard wall outlet, you are recharged and ready to go another 25-40 miles, day-in and day-out. As a municipal parking enforcement vehicle, EcoV’s operating costs are 60% lower, including it’s lower base price of under $10,000.

Our market will start focused on fleet managers and then move into the private use market focused on urban drivers. Both markets are large enough to support a niche vehicle company. It is our aim to "change the way transportation moves us."

As a totally battery electric vehicle, EcoV has no emissions, odors, noise, no release of CO2 from the vehicle, no more trips to the gas station, and no need for imported oil, and is nearly maintenance free. No batteries to water, charger built-in with retractable extension cord, just plug and play. It is made with automotive components which are nearly maintenance free and standard 14" automotive tires and wheels. If service or repair is required all parts are readily available from us or through standard service parts dealers.

Through our manufacturing partner we will do Factory Customization for our customers. You tell us what you want and we will build it for you. We offer a number of standard options and special options to their specifications.

The option for doors, all closures, aluminum wheels, and pin stripe results in a price of about $11,495. There are options for extended range, real air-conditioning & heat, and many more items to build your vehicle just the way your fleet or you the owner wants it. EcoV comes very complete, it is intended to be a "no excuses" vehicle for applications where high speed and long distance are not required.

So what makes EcoV so unique? The original paradigm for Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) was a vehicle that could be used to play golf and then be able to operate on restricted access public roads. The first generation products started as golf carts, then GEM and Ford Th!nk were introduced as second generation vehicles, but these vehicles were designed to be used to play golf and never felt safe on public roads. EcoV is what we call a third generation of LSV that was design with automotive technology, by automotive engineers. EcoV uses a welded steel frame, built similar to the way race cars are built, including a complete roll-cage over the occupants. Then add proven high volume automotive and industrial parts, complete with inner and outer plastic skins to be designed by a renowned college for industrial/automotive design and you have EcoV. EcoV is designed to be modular, so we can build a 4 and 6 passenger vehicle (where the rear seat flips to create a utility load floor) or 2 - passenger pickup, all with 1000 pound payload capacity. We can add a "delivery box" with right hand drive and now you have a city delivery vehicle, maybe USPS or a national delivery service company. EcoV is very reconfigurable for your tasks of the day. It is very easy to get in and get out even for our active adult market.

We have running prototypes with about three years of testing and development on them. We are looking for investors who want to be part of a new transportation solution company. We need a modest $5M staged over several years to be self-sufficient and can break even and be profitable in the second year of manufacturing on less than 4,000 units. We will have capacity to build more than 20,000 units annually.

If you want to learn more, go to www.EcoVElectric.com Click on our "Links" tab and read, see, and listen to the press we have been receiving or write me at RWMarks@EcoVElectric.com

About the Author:

Richard Marks is President of EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, LLC. Mr. Marks a 34 year veteran of auto industry with a Master of Science (Mech. Engineering) degree from Cornell and a Professional Engineer license in Michigan. He is full time on making EcoV happen.

His experience includes: General Motors Corp. – (25 yrs.) Manager Engineering, worked on GM Electric Vehicle, EV1 and GM Conversion Vehicles. Two Tier 1 suppliers – Engineering Manager & Director (6 yrs.) for prototype and production programs including specialty niche vehicle production. Designed and built EcoV prototypes (3 yrs.) The rest of the Management Team consists of 7 automotive executives with successful industry, entrepreneurial and start-up experiences. There is over 300 years of solid automotive experience on this team.

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Published: 17-Aug-2006


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