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A Single Voice Does Make A Difference

Despite serious healthy problems, one woman from Macomb, Illinois is making a difference

By Kathy Jeffries

What can I do? What difference can I make? Those are questions that many people may ask of themselves. Never under estimate the power of one person. I used to think that but have proved that "one person" can make a difference. It might be only an awakening of one person at a time but it does happen.

My life for over the past 10 years (a late starter), has been striving to knock a few heads to waken up that our environment needs help from the ground up. In this journey, I found how the politics play a role in all aspects of our lives. And the local politicians became aware of me. I hit local county and city council meetings that pertained to environmental issues. I put together a rally to stop a local "factory farm", massive pig development and called the media to get TV coverage…….no pigs here.

I orchestrated a seminar on how farming should be……humanely and environmentally better.

I made a voice at a local food store "about carrying organic produce". They now have a wonderful selection for our area.

Then I had a big eye opener with putting together of an alternative resource expo that included solar race cars, speakers on organic farming, vendors of healthy products, an organic luncheon, music performance, and multi door prizes.

And where you wonder did all this happen??????

Come to the little progressive university town of Macomb, IL Gradually but more then most towns of their size, Macomb is partaking in the environmental awareness. The community is a population of 20,000, of which 10,000 is the WIU university students.

Hybrid vehicles seem to be on an over abundance compared to other cities of our size. In my neighborhood of 100 homes, there are 4 hybrid Toyotas. Across the rest of the community, there are hybrid owners among professors, business workers, and general public who have an environmental concern. To the best of my current knowledge, there are over 30 hybrid (gas/electric) vehicles cruising the streets.

Hybrids may not be the total solution but they are a step in the right direction to help make our earth a survivor to our devastation of its resources.

And to be true to the old saying "practice what you preach", I follow that in my life so there can be no one saying I’m blowing hot air.

I have solar panels to provide emergency power.

I eat organic produce.

No chemical products in my home.

Even though my life has been on the low side of being out and vocal, due to health problems, MS and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), I still try to make people aware how important it is to take care of their bodies. I am also trying to take my health back to normal.

I promote on my website www.tonkatinkers.com products that are healthy and better for the body.

And yes, I have hybrid vehicles, as a matter of fact, we have two, a Prius and a Highlander.

If anyone wants to know how to be "a single voice that can make a difference" you may contact me through my website.

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Published: 12-Sep-2006


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