Slar installation in Italy
Under a new Italian law all new buildings must include energy saving systems like these solar panels installed on a building in Abenga, Italy. Existing buildings when sold must also earn energy saving certificates. Photo courtesy of Solar Energy Italy.

From Russia with Murder

Weekly World Energy Review: 13-October-2006

By EV World

The death of a famous Russian investigative journalist caused waves around the world, especially since her book, Putin's Russia: Life In A Failing Democracy is highly critical of the current regime. Murdering journalists is hardly a new phenomenon, especially in countries with long track records of political suppression.

Anna Politkovskaya.

But what makes Anna Politkovskaya's murder unusual is that it's one of four gangland-type "hits" in as many weeks in Russia. Also murdered were Andrei Kozlov, the deputy head of the Central Bank, Enver Ziganshin, a chief engineer for a joint venture Russian-British oil firm, and most recently, Alexander Plokhin, bank manager at the state-owned Vneshtorgbank.

Whether any of these high-profile “hits” are connected is impossible to say, but they do raise serious concerns about the business climate in Russia of late; and this is making Europeans nervous since Russians are using their new found oil and gas wealth to buy into European businesses. If this is how the Russians settle business disputes, you might think twice about doing deals with them.

That hasn't stopped most of the major Western car companies from racing to build product in Russia for their growing middle class. This year the country is on track to set a record by selling one million cars and trucks, a lot of them Ford products. In fact, Ford Motor Company will be the number one car maker in Russia based on current trends. Low observed that the more oil Russians consume in their own cars, the less there will be to export.

Low also mentioned that he gets much of his news on Russian energy developments from FC Novosti.

Haunted by the specter of natural gas shortages – since most of the world's LNG capacity is already contracted, Italy has just passed a law requiring that every building that is either built or sold will have to have an energy savings certificate, meaning they are going to have to invest in energy conservation and solar energy systems. This is an expansion on a Spanish law that requires all new buildings to incorporate solar energy.

One of the reasons Italy is having a hard time buying natural gas in a tight world market is because its neighbor across the Mediterranean has become Europe's largest importer of natural gas. Like Britain twenty years ago, Spain is building dozens of natural gas-fired electric power plants to meet future demand. Unlike France to the north, Spain chose not to go down the nuclear power pathway.

New York
The ODAC newsletter, which is available for free at the link below, also featured this week a link to a documentary entitled Oil, Smoke and Mirrors Although it includes some of the “usual suspects” on the topic of peak oil: Richard Heinberg, Colin Campbell, Julian Darley; it is actually a bit of a Trojan Horse in that it very quickly conjectures a link between the American and British governments' “war on terror” and an unspoken geopolitical strategy to control the world's last and largest remaining oil reserves in the Middle East and Southwestern Asia, in areas historically dominated by Russia. The events of 911 were simply the match to the fuse.

Perhaps even more disconcerting is 911 Mysteries, one of the best alternative documentaries I've seen on the events of September 11, 2001. It turns out to have been co-produced by an EV World reader. It looks at the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings from a very solid, professional engineering perspective and also arrives at a very damning conclusion: the buildings were deliberately imploded. By whom and why remains uncertain, but the Trade Center owner made out like a bandit having invested something like $15 million dollars in a 99-year lease of the complex and then is paid $7 billion by the insurance companies on policies he'd renegotiated just weeks before the disaster; policies which the documentary claims included specific provisions for acts of terrorism.

If you put these two alternative documentaries together with 9/11 Press For Truth - Victims' Families Tell the Story the Media Won't, they paint a pretty sinister portrait that throws into question the official account of what happen, who did it and why. If they're right, this is the greatest crime of the century.

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