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The War for American Independence began in Boston and now the city is trying to lead the way towards an energy independent future.

Boston's New Independence Fight

Keynote welcome by head of Boston's Environment and Energy Services

By EV World

On the night of December 17, 1773, patriots boarded an East India merchantman anchored in Boston Harbor and tossed its cargo of tea overboard in protest of the newly imposed tax by the Crown. That act of defiance would be the catalyst for others, culminating in the “Shot Heard Around the World.”

Now, according to James Hunt, the chief of the mayor's office for environment and energy, modern Boston is following in the steps of its patriot forefathers by declaring its “energy independence” while pursuing environmental sustainability.

“We're proud to be leading by example. And this is one of the hallmarks of Mayor Menino and the U.S. Conference of mayors that when we feel there is a vacuum at the federal and state levels and that we step up to the plate and lead by example on alternative energy and sustainability.”

To underscore this, Boston last year purchased nine percent of its electricity for its government buildings and operations from renewable energy resources, an amount equal to 200 million kilowatt hours.

“This has been recognized by the EPA as the largest renewable energy purchase in New England, and we rank seventh nationally for renewable energy purchases.”

The city is also installing solar panels of school to generate electricity and serve as educational tools. And sometime in the not too distance future, more wind turbines will bloom on the islands in Boston harbor, joining those already in operation in nearby Hull.

“Today with peak oil and an energy crisis... [creating] volatility throughout our world through struggles over oil and other resources and the effects of global climate change beating down our door, we as a city, as a nation and as a world need to embrace environmental sustainability and energy independence to protect our future.”

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Published: 08-Nov-2006


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