Nysted offshore windfarm off Baltic coast of Denmark
Offshore windfarms like Nysted off the Baltic coast of Denmark were the inspiration for the 130 turbine Cape Wind project off the coast of Cape Cod.

Jim Gordon's Grit

Cape Wind developer Jim Gordon addresses the ASPO USA Peak Oil conference in Boston in this exclusive streaming video.

By EV World

You have to admire Jim Gordon's grit. He isn't afraid to stand by his convictions and pursue his energy vision in the face of daunting and perhaps misguided opposition.

The attendees to the 2006 Association for the Study of Peak Oil USA in Boston, Massachusetts were expecting Gordon to explain the status of the Cape Wind wind farm project off Cape Cod on a shallow bank called Horseshoe Shoal. But as Gordon talked, a group of protesters surreptitiously slipped into the balcony above the conference hall at Boston University. They unfurled a long banner and began chanting their opposition to a peaking plant that Gordon's company is planning to build in a Boston neighborhood.

Although caught off-guard by the sudden and unexpected disruption, Gordon continued his presentation and shortly, campus security ushered the protesters out of the building. You will hear the group, consisting of 15-20 people, in the background of the video.

As for Mr. Gordon's presentation itself, it is a good primer on the rationale behind the Cape Wind project, including why the Horseshoe Shoal area was selected, how much power the farm will produced on average, and how the environmentally benign offshore wind projects in Europe were its inspiration.

EV World extends it thanks to the conference organizers and ASPO USA for granting us permission to video tape and audio record the entire conference proceedings. We also express our heartfelt thanks to Jim Gordon and the people at Cape Wind, as well as their supporters, for their herculean efforts to help shift our society away from its dependence on fossil fuels and the greenhouse gases they generate.

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Published: 06-Dec-2006


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