ZENN Low Speed Electric Car
The ZENN electric car is classified as a low-speed, electric-powered, vehicle under federal regulations (FMVSS 500). It's top speed is limited to 25 mph and has a range of around 30 miles using conventional lead-acid batteries. It is intended for use in congested urban cores, small towns and suburban streets with 35 mph speed limits or less. Prices start at just over $12,000.

AltCar Expo Video: ZENN Motorcars

Exclusive video interview with Bill Williams, ZENN Motorcars marketing director

By EV World

If anyone doubts the ZENN electric car's capacity to seat large, tall people, they haven't met the company's California-based marketing director, Bill Williams, all 6 feet 3 inches of him... or something close to that. If he can fit into the ZENN, just about anyone can. He towers over me and the French-built Microcar that ZENN imports as an engine-less "glider" and converts to quiet, clean, efficient electric drive.

Bill took time from showing the car to prospective customers and potential dealers to talk to me about the the first automobile-based neighborhood electric vehicle to be sold in North America.

Watch for more video interviews from the Santa Monica AltCar Expo including Tom Gage, Diane Lane and Dan Elliott.

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Published: 15-Dec-2006


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