Bicycle traffic comingles with growing number of motor vehicles
Bicycles and motor vehicles mix it up on the crowded streets of Beijing. As the number of personal cars increase in Chinese cities, they are beginning to encroach on vulnerable bicycle riders, which number in the millions. If present trends continue, in 15 years there will be 1.1 billion motor vehicles in the world, according to GM's Larry Burns, with much of that growth in India and China.

Tomorrow's Mobility Challenges

Address to AARP group in Omaha, Nebraska on the future of personal mobility.

By Bill Moore

"Today, there are more than 800 million cars and trucks in the world. In 15 years, that will grow to 1.1 billion vehicles," stated GM's Vice President for Research and Development, Dr. Larry Burns when announcing the debut of the Chevy Volt electric car. "We can't continue to be 98-percent dependent on oil to meet our transportation needs. Something has to give."

Dr. Burns prescient perspective served to underscore my hour-long presentation to a group of 30-40 members of the local AARP organization who asked me to talk to them yesterday about the future of energy. I took the opportunity to focus on the personal transportation side of the energy question. I decided to try and record the talk that I illustrated using my new Apple Notes presentation software. I entitled the talk "Tomorrow's Mobility Challenge. Since the recording turned out reasonably well, I thought I'd share it with our readers, as well as on the Apple iTunes podcast service. The MP3 file is 14.9MB in size, while the PDF version of the Notes presentation is about 12MB, so you'll likely need a broadband connection to download both.

While you listen to the audio, you'll probably catch a faux pas or two on my part like when I say India's population is 1.3 billion. I meant to say China's population is 1.3 billion, while India's is 1.1. It just goes to prove that I can't think, chew gum, and use a laser pointer all at the same time.

I wish to thank the good folks at AARP in Omaha for inviting me to talk and I hope you'll find what I have to say both informative and entertaining.

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Published: 10-Jan-2007


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