Electrum Spyder electric sports car
Electrum Spyder electric car prototype on display at Santa Monica, California city airport during the city's first AltCar Expo. Priced at $70,000, it is slated to begin production in mid-Summer 2007.

AltCar Expo: Electrum Spyder Debut

Interview with Diana Lane, President of Universal Electric Vehicles at the Santa Monica AltCar Expo.

By EV World

We were secretly hoping that Tesla would have their super-sexy Roadster on display at the AltCar Expo in Santa Monica. They didn't. It was over at the L.A. Auto Show.

But sex-appeal wasn't lacking at the event held on the city's airport grounds, which explains why there are airplanes in the background of the acompanying photo. And given the throngs of admirers who crowded around Universal Electric Vehicle's display booth, it was obvious they too found the Electrum Spyder equally exciting. No longer can electric cars be portrayed as ugly ducklings. Tesla and UEV have redefined the paradigm.

With the steady stream of admirers, media and -- hopefully -- potential buyers, we finally got to the opportunity to pull the company president Diana Lane aside to do a quick stand-up interview, only to discover that our stalwart publisher forgot to turn on the video camera. Good help is so hard to find!

With the clock ticking because Mrs. Lane had to be elsewhere, we re-shot the interview, this time with the camera running. The results are viewable below, but to be honest, the first interview was better, so we offer our apologies to the Lanes and to our readers; and plan to do a more detailed interview later this year.

The bottom line is the car will sell for $70,000. Potential buyers will need to put down a deposit with the amount broken into three priority categories. The prototype is powered by nickel zinc batteries with the option to upgrade to lithium. The company is aiming for production in mid-Summer 2007.

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Published: 19-Jan-2007


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