Mercury Mariner Hybrid on Solar Energy Farm
Mercury Mariner Hybrid is second Ford gasoline-electric and uses the same technology as pioneered in the Ford Escape Hybrid. MIT's John Heywood told the audience that despite critics who say hybrids have been hyped, the data shows they really can make a difference in reducing energy consumption.

Hyped Hybrids and Other Myths

Three transportation experts answer audience questions as ASPO USA conference.

By EV World

One of the highlights of the last two ASPO USA conferences EV World has covered are the intelligent and energetic audience question and answer sessions where a dozen or more people will line up to ask probing, insightful, and often critical questions of guest speakers and panelists. The Q&A of the conference's three transportation experts -- MIT's Dr. John Heywood, Toyota's Bill Reinert and UC Davis' Dr. Andy Frank -- carried on that tradition.

Here are just some of the questions that were asked:

The answers given by Heywood, Reinert and Frank are educative in themselves, even in their disagreements. You can listen to this information 30-minute session using either of the two MP3 players above or by downloading the file to your computer for transfer and playback on your favorite MP3 player. This program is also available on the Apple iTunes podcast service.

EV World expresses its gratitude to ASPO USA and Boston University for granting us permission to record and make available these presentations.

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Published: 17-Feb-2007


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