ZENN Electric Car
The ZENN electric car is currently limitied, due to federal safety regulations, to speeds of less than 25 mph in the United States. However, the company is hoping that the development of the EEStor electric energy storage unit will enable it to someday offer a highway-capable version that meets all US safety standards.

ZENN Pitches the Future

Electric car manufacturer Ian Clifford presents his company at 2007 Roth Capital Partner's OC Conference.

By EV World

The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California provided the forum for ZENN Cars president Ian Clifford to present his company to investment analysts, the media, and more importantly, potential investors. His 25-minute presentation included not only an overview of his Canadian-based company and converging trends that are stimulating a rebirth of the electric car -- including moral support even from the president of the United States -- but also additional details on his firm's relationship with EEStor, the developer of what he considers "game changing" energy storage technology. In addition, members of the audience had the chance to ask him some excellent questions about his company and its future plans, including ZENN's on-going efforts to eventually offer a highway-capable electric car based on EEStor technology.

Mr. Clifford's remarks were webcast via Wall Street Webcasting. We at EV World wanted to make the MP3 available to our readers in case they are not archived by the WSW service. You can listen to him comments using either of the two MP3 players at the top of the page, or by downloading the 6MB file to your computer hard drive for transfer and playback on your favorite MP3 device.

Finally, note also that Maxwell Technologies also presented earlier in the conference, so you may also wish to listen to their presentation.

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Published: 22-Feb-2007


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